How To Unprotect Excel Password? Best Ways In 2021

Unprotect Excel Password

If you are looking for a password recovery program that can help you retrieve all the passwords of the most valuable documents and files. PassFab for Excel is a tool for building programs that help retrieve and recover passwords.

PassFab is a password retrieval software development organization. Their products provide password recovery services for iPhone, spreadsheets, Windows, and RAR extensions.

PassFab tools provide excellent password recovery and using this software you can easily unprotect excel sheets/workbooks without a password.

The protection of the excel worksheet and workbook implies that it isn’t permitted to add, remove or change the excel workbook. For illustration, you cannot add a new worksheet to a workbook, or you cannot remove a worksheet in a workbook, or alter the name of a worksheet.

When erecting a VBA operation, you may use the cover system of the worksheet object to accessibly give protection for the workbook. However, you may call the unprotect system if you wish to cancel the protection of the workbook.

This composition describes the precise operation way of employing the cover system and unprotected system to apply for excel workbook protection.

There are various ways to protect excel spreadsheets from being seen and modified. One of them is to protect the cells in the chosen region of the worksheet from being modified or formatted. For illustration, in some circumstances, we forget the word of the spreadsheet to be unlocked. We may remember a truly wrong word. 

The first thing to do is to verify whether CapsLock is on or off. The most common mistake of entering the wrong word is that CapsLock is turned on. Before trying to crack the word in Excel, I recommend testing the uppercase and lowercase watchwords. 

Encrypt Excel Worksheet

  1. Select File > Info.
  2. Select the Protect Workbook box and choose Encrypt with Password.
  3. Enter a password in the Password box, and then select OK.
  4. Confirm the password in the Reenter Password box, and then select OK.


  • Microsoft cannot retrieve forgotten passwords, so be sure that your password is especially memorable.
  • There are no restrictions on the passwords you use with regards to length, characters, or numbers, but passwords are case-sensitive.
  • It’s not always secure to distribute password-protected files that contain sensitive information such as credit card numbers.
  • Be cautious when sharing files or passwords with other users. You still run the risk of passwords them falling into the hands of unintended users. Remember that locking a file with a password does not necessarily protect your file from malicious intent.

Protecting excel sheet or worksheet

Decrypt Excel Sheet with Password

It’s quite simple to protect and unprotect the Excel worksheet and allow users to edit and amend the spreadsheet. However, you may hastily remove the protection, if you formerly know the password of the encrypted worksheet. Just conduct any of the following ways.

Open the protected spreadsheet, go to the” Review” tab, and click the”Unprotect Sheet” icon in the”Change” group. 

Steps to decrypt excel sheet with PassFab for Excel

Step 1. Run PassFab for Excel

First, launch PassFab for Excel on your computer and elect the‘ Remove Excel Restriction Word’ option to unprotect your Excel train. This will let you read any contents in the word-defended Excel lines, when you have lost your Excel document word, or when your Excel worksheet word doesn’t work.

Step 2. Import Locked Excel File

Elect the Excel train with the defended word to unlock. Just click the‘’ subscribe to add your lines to the program. Next, hit the‘ Remove’ button for the program to commence the word junking process.

Step 3. Remove Restriction Password

The final step is for the program to run through and remove the restriction word. Just click on the‘ Open Brochure’ option to detect your Excel train without a word restriction. You can now pierce the Excel train without a word.

How to Protect and Unprotect Excel Sheet with Password

Encrypt Excel Workbook

When your password secures an Excel workbook, you cannot modify the structure of the workbook, such as adding, relocating, renaming, or deleting worksheets, and accessing hidden worksheets.

However, even if your workbook is secured with a password, you may still modify the data on the worksheet. If you wish to modify the structure of the Excel workbook, such as adding or removing worksheets, you must first unprotect the structure of the Excel workbook.

To unprotect the worksheet, open the protected workbook and select the “Protect Workbook” button under the “Review” tab.

How to Protect and Unprotect Excel Workbook with Password

Decrypt Excel Workbook with Password Or Without Password

If you have the password of your particular excel sheet/workbook then it is very simple to unprotect that excel sheet/workbook but if you have forgotten your excel worksheet or workbook password recently. It becomes very hard to unprotect the excel sheet/workbook. Though there are many password protection removal tools out there they are not just making sense. 

There is a big difference between removing password protection and recovering or retrieving passwords. It is obvious if we are putting any password protection into our excel sheet/workbook it has very crucial data and we can’t just remove the protection using any free tool. Instead, we should try to recover the password. 

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