How To Uninstall Applications On Windows 10- Best In 2021

Uninstall Applications On Windows 10?

If you need a program that lets you clean your Windows 10 applications, IObit Uninstaller 10 is your best option. This free utility software is the best in this category that hunts stray files in your computer often left out by installers of different applications.

Every piece of the application is searched for, thanks to the powerful AI system, and removed completely from your system, leaving no junk or useless files behind.

IObit Uninstaller10 Features

Most of the Windows-based applications come with their own built-in uninstaller tool. Although these tools are great at removing program-related script files from your system, they are not quite as good at removing user-related data or other stored logged files. And in case, a program doesn’t have an uninstaller tool of its own, you will be left at no stage but to manually locate and delete the application.

What IObit Uninstaller does is that it not only removes applications from your system but also cleans any files left behind by that particular application. The Uninstaller comes with a lot of interesting features. Ranging from cleaning your browser extensions to checking your application updates – You’ll get all the utility features in just one app. The list of features includes the following tabs:

  • All Programs – This allows you to check Recent Installed, Bundleware, Logged, Large, and infrequently used programs.
  • Install Monitor – A monitoring feature that automatically detects and log program installations
  • Software Update – Check recent updates of different software online
  • Toolbar & Plugins – An interesting feature that checks and updates toolbars from different software and browser plugins.
  • Windows Apps – Check and Uninstall unwanted Windows Apps to boost your system performance.
  • Action Center – List out all the notifications and settings.

Interface and Use

IObit Uninstaller is easy-to-use lightweight software. The interface is pretty sleek and minimalistic in terms of design. That said, it has an intuitive tabs section on the left side, where you can find all the functionalities of the uninstaller.

Starting from the basic, all the program-related uninstall functionalities are listed in the “All Programs” tab. You can access it to remove logged, large, and infrequently used programs in your system.

Our favourite feature lies in the Toolbar and Plug-ins section. Here, you can check all the toolbars and extensions installed in your browser or other programs. Removing unwanted toolbars speeds up your browser and ensures a safe and smooth browsing experience.

Once you uninstall a program, IObit Uninstaller search for broken files left behind by that particular software. You can check the files in the registry file system and see how much space you’ve recovered after cleaning the junk files.

Price and Plans

IObit Uninstaller is a free-to-use application, but it does have a Pro version that allows you to unlock additional services. The 1-year license for the Pro package cost $16.77 with a 60-days money-back guarantee.

The premium package includes everything you’ll get with the free version, but with a little kick of advanced AI utilization and detection algorithm.

How to Uninstall Applications on Windows 10

Final Verdict

IObit Uninstaller is a great tool if you’re looking for an easy way to uninstall applications. It performs a deep check of your system and lists out possible ways to remove residential files. With a clear intuitive interface and excellent support, IObit Uninstaller 10 is the best tool currently available for Windows users.

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