How To Track A Lost Cellphone When It’s Turned Off- Best In 2022

Track A Lost Cellphone When It’s Turned Off

How do you track a lost cellphone when it’s turned off? Indeed, mobile phones are like devices that have been integrated into human daily life. How not, everything can now be done via cell phone.

In addition, this one device is also flexible, and easy to carry anywhere. It seems natural that many smartphone manufacturers are always competing to launch affordable smartphone products with features that are quite qualified for their customers.

Because of its crucial nature, of course, it is natural that when we lose our cellphones we feel confused and upset. Remember all important data, privacy, applications, email accounts, banking accounts, and so on, stored in the phone. So, who doesn’t get mad when you lose your only phone that is so precious?

But actually, you don’t need to hesitate, considering that every cellphone manufacturer embeds many advanced applications and features that its users can take advantage of. The application for tracking lost cellphones is no exception. But, what if the stolen or lost cellphone is dead?

Is There A Way To Track a Lost Mobile Phone In A Dead State?

It may initially be impossible because in a state of the total power of all networks and GPS access will die. But, now you can breathe a sigh of relief, remembering how to track a lost cell phone when it’s turned off can be done.

In today’s digital age, what can’t you get? Yes, we can get everything, from easy access, remote communication, even remote work.

Recently also found a way to track a lost cellphone in a completely dead state. So, even when your phone is lost, it’s low or turned off, you can still track it.

Then, how? Well, there are several options that you can use. Now you can even track your phone’s whereabouts by just using your phone’s IMEI number.

In addition, you can also still use the Google Maps application on mobile devices. There are still many other options for how to track a lost cellphone that is turned off that you can try. Here is the full review!

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How to Track a Lost Cellphone when it’s turned off

For those of you who are losing your cellphone in a dead condition which is usually caused by the battery running out or the inventor turning it off on purpose, you can try the following tips. There are easy tips to track a lost cellphone that is turned off, and we have deliberately summarized it in various methods for you.

Tracking a Lost Cellphone When it’s Off

The easiest method the first time you can try to track a lost cellphone that is turned off is with the help of another cellphone. If you only have 1 cellphone, you can borrow a friend’s or family’s cellphone. Then, do the following steps:

  • Borrow your friend’s or sister’s cell phone or anyone willing to lend their cellphone to you. Just say you want to track down a lost cellphone that is turned off.
  • Once allowed, you can directly open the Google Maps application.
  • Select it and tap Profile Photo in the top right corner.
  • Tap Add Account.
  • Input and enter the email address that is on your lost cellphone.
  • Enter your email password or password.
  • Tap I Agree.
  • After successful login, select the small triangle option on the top right.
  • Select Your Timeline.
  • Then select OK.
  • The Maps application will display the location of the lost cellphone.
  • You can track the whereabouts of your cell phone, and follow the map directions (Maps) to retrieve it.

Tracking Lost Cell Phones Through Google ADM

Google ADM (Android Device Manager) or also known as Google Find My Device is an android application that is very useful for tracking a lost cell phone that is turned off. So, this is also a pretty accurate method to find out the whereabouts of your cellphone. How to use it like this:

  • Borrow anyone’s cellphone, it can be your friend, father, mother, or sister.
  • Download the Google ADM application on the cellphone that you borrowed earlier.
  • Install Google ADM via Google Play or directly click here.
  • Once installed, open and run the Google ADM application.
  • Login using your Google account (which is on the lost cellphone).
  • After logging in, you will immediately be able to see the name of the smartphone that is connected to the email address that you typed earlier on the screen.
  • Take note of the location where your cellphone is, if Google ADM doesn’t show your lost device, your cellphone is likely lost in a dead condition.

Tracking Lost Cell Phones Via WhatsApp

Whatsapp? Can you track a lost cellphone? As it is known that Whatsapp has become a trending social media application today. But who would have thought that Whatsapp can also be useful when our cellphones are lost.

Whatsapp can detect the whereabouts of our lost cellphone. It’s just that, the main condition is that we have shared the loc or sent the location before the cellphone is lost. How to use it like this:

  • Open the Whatsapp application.
  • Go to Chats, and select a trusted friend’s contact. Or, you can choose to chat with your sister.
  • Open the Chat menu » Select Contact » Your sister’s contact name.
  • After that, a chat window with your sister appears as usual.
  • In the chat field, you can press the attachment icon (paperclip image).
  • Several options will appear starting from Documents, Camera, Gallery, Audio, Location, and Contacts.
  • Just choose Location.
  • Then there is another option, tap Share current location.
  • A notification will appear about the feature, just press CONTINUE.
  • Choose a time duration of 8 hours so that your real-time location is tracked longer.
  • Press the Send button or Send.

Then when suddenly our cellphones are lost, what we can do is:

  • Borrow our sister’s cellphone that we sent a Whatsapp message to.
  • Open a chat with our contact.
  • Tap the location that was sent previously.
  • So, the position of our lost cellphone will be able to be seen where it is. Are our cellphones lost, stolen, or maybe tucked away in our rooms.

Tracking Lost Cell Phones Via TrackGSM

Didn’t get a cellphone on loan from anyone? Are you still confused about how to find your lost phone? Calm down guys, we still have other ways that can be used. Namely by utilizing the laptop/computer / PC that we have.

The last method that can be used to track a lost cellphone is dead, namely by visiting the website. How to put it into practice? Check out the following steps.

  • Open a browser on your laptop or computer. It is recommended to use Google Chrome for faster internet access.
  • Visit the website address:
  • Click the  Register button.
  • Fill in the registration form provided completely, click and enter the captcha to prove “I’m not a robot”.
  • Click the  Register Now button.
  • After you have an account at, just press the Login button and enter using the username & password that you have registered.
  • To track a lost cellphone, click the Tracking Navigation drop-down menu » Track Number.
  • Enter your lost cellphone number.
  • Web will immediately notify you of the whereabouts of your lost cell phone.

Maybe that’s all the stages that are summarized specifically for you. Please note that there are still many ways to track a lost cellphone that is turned off, you can choose the easiest and most accurate method to find your phone now. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends who need it.

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