How To Spy On Your Cell Phone Without Installing Programs- Best Ways In 2022

How To Spy On Your Cell Phone

If you are wondering how to spy on a cell phone without installing software, you first need to know that spying on other people’s cell phones can be a crime punishable by law.

In this regard, you should know that, unfortunately, there are several methods of tracking cell phones, some of which are very advanced from a technical point of view. In contrast, others we can define as more “artisanal”, but therefore should not be underestimated.

In fact, in truth, it’s more often the less sophisticated methods – the ones that take advantage of our distractions and our weaknesses – rather than the security holes available in computer systems that are easier to hack. Hence the answer to the question: yes, it is possible to monitor a technological device without installing programs and applications, but fortunately, it is also possible to keep yourself safe.

Social Engineering

As mentioned above, the most dangerous espionage techniques are those that we tend to underestimate: those that use our weaknesses and carelessness to hack into the electronic devices we use (in this case, the smartphone) that store many of our data. The techniques in question are called social engineering and provide precisely the deception of the victim to gain access to his or her data.

A practical example of social engineering is when an attacker, under a cleverly devised pretext, manages to borrow the victim’s phone and use the situation to steal data of interest (e.g. account password, credit card number, etc.). on) or even install spyware applications, through which the device can then be monitored remotely.

Unfortunately, in cases of social engineering, there are no security systems that endure. If you lend your smartphone to intruders and get free access to the device (hence, with an unlocked screen and the ability to run any application), there is a possibility that they can take advantage of the opportunity to perform spying activities.

Malicious Links

Another espionage technique, similar to social engineering, is to attack the smartphone or the user’s accounts through malicious links.

Unfortunately, a pervasive case is what happens when receiving SMS or emails: in them, the attacker induces the victim to click on links that may refer to spyware applications, which are discreetly installed on the smartphone and allow remote monitoring.

Another risk to watch out for involves links leading to fake social media pages, online services, or banking institutions. In these cases, the victim user is prompted to enter his or her account credentials or credit card numbers to make actual phishing attempts. The data entered is essentially stolen by the attacker, who thus gains access to the victim’s accounts and/or credit card data.

In this case, for adequate protection, it is necessary to block the installation of applications from unknown sources (this is only necessary on Android smartphones, which are more susceptible to malware than iOS).

Spy cameras

It is difficult to spy on your cell phone without installing programs, as it is not an operation for everyone. Unfortunately, however, with the help of spy cameras and/or other surveillance devices, this operation may be more accessible.

You should know that with these devices, you can steal passwords, credit card numbers, and other important information: it is enough that the victim is in favor of the number when he enters this data on his smartphone, and there it is!

Nowadays, spy cameras are tiny, cheap, and available to everyone. Unfortunately, they are not easy to recognize, so the only advice I can give you in this regard is to avoid entering credit card numbers or passwords publicly. But if you really can’t do without one, be sure to have a good look around before you do it.

How to protect yourself from spies

Having explained to you the most common techniques used to spy on your cell phone without installing programs or apps inside, let me give you a few more tips on how to avoid spyware attacks and find out if someone has installed spyware applications on your smartphone.

Check installed applications

The first helpful solution to protect against hacking attempts is to check the installed application. Usually, spyware applications tend to hide, they do not appear on the home screen or in the system menus, but there are “tricks” that, in some cases, allow you to find them.

We also recommend that you check apps with extended permissions, i.e. apps that have permission to control actions performed on the device. On Android, go to “Settings” > “Security and Privacy” > “Device Administrators”.

Use a securely unlock code

If you don’t give your smartphone to strangers (golden rule!) and set a secure unlock code to access your device, you can have complete peace of mind that no one will install spyware apps on your device.

In addition, if you have a cell phone equipped with a fingerprint sensor or face unlock, we recommend that you also set up unlocking through these systems. For example, on Android to unlock by fingerprint, you can act through the menu ” Settings ” > “Security and Privacy” > “Fingerprint ID”. I do not recommend gesture unlocking, as it is much easier to “guess” just by looking at the user while using it.

Use secure passwords

Finally, do not forget that, regardless of the speech related to the protection of your smartphone from espionage, it is recommended to learn how to safely manage your passwords, so they can not be easily detected by intruders.


A few little tricks like these can be beneficial so that no one can control and hack your phone. Do what you can to avoid being hacked by novice hackers, and hopefully not be targeted by professionals!

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