How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection- Best Ways In 2023

Speed Up Your Internet Connection

How important is the internet for you? We might sound a bit silly right now, but this is a genuine question. Do you think your entire life revolves around this single piece of technology? Do you call this technology your entire world? You must be nodding your head.

The purpose of asking these questions is to make you realize the place internet has in your life. From waking up to going back to bed, the internet takes care of all your daily activities. And it is incredible to see how a single piece of technology can end up doing such great wonders.

So when everything is dependent on the internet, you can’t really afford to have a slow connection. Why are we saying this? Well because a sluggish connection means more interruptions and less productivity. And who wants that?

Keeping the importance of internet speed in mind, we have conducted a little research and have come up with a few noteworthy tips that will eventually aid you in enhancing your internet connection. Your days of worry are now over. However, before you go ahead and read this article, make sure you have signed up with a reliable internet service provider as that alone solves the majority of your internet speed-related issues

If you are not already subscribed to a dependable provider, our recommendation would be to go for RCN Internet Español as the brand ensures top-tier coverage consistently. Even if you do encounter any issues, you can easily contact the provider’s always-available customer service team and receive assistance in both English and Spanish.

Sixty percent of the problem is solved by signing up with a solid ISP. The rest forty percent we will be covering in the tips enlisted in this article. So grab a pen and a notepad, put on your reading glasses, and thank us later.

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  1. Test a Different Router

The biggest reason for a sluggish internet connection is a bad router. If for example you are experiencing recurrent internet issues and are subsequently criticizing your internet service provider, just know that you are going the wrong way.

You must first verify if your router is fit for the internet service provider and the plan that you are subscribed to. How can you carry out this step? You can easily find this out by contacting your ISP. Reach out to their customer service department and they will listen to your concerns and connect you to their technical team. The technical team will then give you an entire list of suitable devices based on your requirements obviously.

Moreover, in case you rent the device from your internet service provider, it will actually be appropriate for the internet service that you have bought. However, if you want to buy your modem or router, you will notice that the description of the router generally comprises a list of ISPs it functions with. Thus, always check that before investing any money.

  1. Switch Your Modem On and Off Again

This tip is tried and tested by almost everyone we know. Switch off your modem or router for one or two minutes and switch it on again. This step is called ‘power cycling’. Why? Because just by turning the device on and off, most of your internet speed-related problems will be resolved. How cool is that?

In addition to this, if you consider yourself brave, then we would suggest you reconfigure your device with a different password because this can often help you in refreshing your settings at your internet service provider’s end.

Hence, we would recommend you adopt the practice of switching your modem off and on again once or twice a month. However, if you are facing serious issues with your internet connection, then you can reset your device once a week or once every day.

  1. Check for Viruses

Thirdly, make sure on a daily basis that your system is virus free and is not disrupting your internet connection. We are saying this because sometimes viruses can stay on your personal computer and suck important resources out of it, slowing the entire system down. To scan your computer for viruses, you can download antivirus software like McAfee, Norton, etc.

  1. Make Use of a Speedy VPN

Many people make use of a VPN service as it enables them to safeguard their privacy and keep information and data safe. However, you must also know that several VPN services will eventually slow down or halt your internet connection. That is exactly why we will recommend you select a VPN that possesses the bandwidth as well as the infrastructure to brace faster connections.

  1. Block Unnecessary Ads

We all come across countless advertisements on the internet every day. On every website, you will see various ads, videos, images, etc. Even if these ads don’t bother you, you must keep in mind that your internet speed is highly influenced by these annoying advertisements.

So what should one do? Simply block them. Download an ad-obstructing plugin that will essentially help you in shutting down those data-heavy advertisements and you’ll see a major positive difference in your internet speed.

Final Words

Our lives revolve around the internet. All our daily activities whether work or home related are dependent on this piece of technology. Hence, making sure the connection is smooth and fast is very important. Keeping all of this in mind, we have written this article. We hope this will help in solving most of your internet speed-related issues. Good luck!

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