How To Solve Printer Not Detected- Best Solution In 2021

How To Solve Printer Not Detected

A printer that doesn’t want to be read is quite annoying, especially when it’s needed to print documents. Then, how to solve the printer not detected? Can you do it yourself?

Like other electronic devices, printers are also potentially unreadable on a computer. You may already feel that you are connecting it to the computer properly.

However, the connected printer still does not respond and is offline. This condition is quite common, so you don’t need to panic when you experience it.

The following reviews will help you solve the problem of the printer not being detected.

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How to Overcome the Printer Not Detected

There are various reasons why the printer cannot be detected properly. Not only do one or two users experience it, but this printer problem is also quite common for many people.

Therefore, you need to understand some possible solutions. Some ways that can be done to overcome the printer that can not be read are as follows.

1. Restart Print Spooler

If you are one of those who often print documents, you may already be familiar with the term print spooler. This feature is a service in Windows that functions to manage system activities as well as read printers.

If the printer is not detected, it could be that the problem lies in this one feature. Therefore, you can restart the print spooler by following these steps:

  1. In the first step, type “service. msc” in the Windows search field.
  2. Scroll down and then right-click the Print Spooler option.
  3. Then click the Stop option.Print Spooler option
  4. When done, right-click and select Start.
  5. Next, click Print Spooler then Properties.
  6. In the Startup Type section, select Automatic.Startup Type section
  7. Done.

There are indeed differences in the automatic startup options and manual startup options. By selecting automatic startup, the print spooler will continue to be active. Meanwhile, the manual startup option makes the print spooler only active when it is turned on.

Resetting the print spooler is recommended so that the printer can be read easily. Thus, the printer can be read easily and can be used as it should.

2. Check Printer USB Cable

For users of non-wireless printers, USB cable problems often occur. Therefore, you need to check whether the printer cable is properly connected or not, considering that damage can occur to the printer’s USB cable.

For example, because the cable is bent, the part is broken, and there is dirt stuck to the port. These conditions are at risk of affecting the function of the printer device itself.

To fix this, follow the steps to solve the printer not detected as follows:

  1. The first step, check the condition of the USB printer cable you have.
  2. Check the USB port on the printer, clean it if it looks dirty.
  3. Next, connect the printer cable to the computer/laptop device.
  4. You can also disconnect and then reconnect the USB cable until it is detected.

The USB port and USB slot are quite prone to dust. Therefore, you need to check this section so that it can be easily connected to the computer or laptop device that will be used.

3. Add Printer Manually

Add printer

The system in Windows can indeed read the printer automatically. However, you can also add them manually via the Device and Printers feature. This option can also be a solution when Windows cannot detect the printer.

Here are the steps below:

  1. The first step is to open the Control Panel menu on your laptop/computer.
  2. After that, open the Hardware and Sounds Settings menu.
  3. If it is already open, you only need to click the Device and Printers option.
  4. Select Add Printer and then follow the given guide.
  5. The guide will add the printer to be detected on the computer/laptop.

The Device and Printer feature is available by default on the Windows OS you are using, for example, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

4. Reinstall the Printer Driver

Problematic printer drivers often make the printer unable to be detected properly. The driver constraints in question are as follows:

  • Driver default problem (bug)
  • Driver compatibility that does not match the system used
  • Error in the installation process

You can solve the problem of the printer not being detected due to driver problems by reinstalling it. Not only that, but users can also update drivers if the update is available.

5. Reinstall the system

The next problem with the printer not being read is because of a system error. The solution that can be done is to reinstall the system.

This happens because the driver compatibility is not suitable. However, you should try the printer first on the laptop/computer you are using, especially if the version of the system you are using is not the same.

Thus, users can understand whether the problem lies in the system or not.

6. Printer Service

If you have done the various things above but the printer is still unreadable, you can do this one method. It could be that the real problem lies in the printer component itself that is damaged.

For example damage to cables or other components that make the printer unable to connect properly. Therefore, the last step that can be done is to carry out printer service by professionals.

By taking it to the repair shop, you can find out what damage the printer was experiencing. Especially if the printer you own still has a warranty in it, of course, there is nothing wrong with doing service.

Well, those are some reviews on how to solve printer not detected that can help you. Thus, the printer can be used again to print documents normally.

But if you still have problems, do the printer repair as suggested above. So that the printer can be repaired by a more competent person.

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