How To Send Applications Via Bluetooth- Best Ways In 2022

How To Send Applications Via Bluetooth

Is there anyone here who doesn’t know about Bluetooth? So the following will explain first related to Bluetooth before discussing further how to send applications via Bluetooth. So, Bluetooth is a type of wireless technology or wireless. Bluetooth is usually used to transfer data from one device to another without using cables.

What is Bluetooth

When you use Bluetooth, you also need to pay attention to the distance. Because the range of Bluetooth is about one to 100 meters. Even one Bluetooth device is turned on, it can connect up to seven devices. We can find Bluetooth on smartphones, laptops, radios, and others.

If you use Bluetooth on your smartphone, then you can use it to send files such as videos, photos, music, and more to other smartphones. But you need to remember, this Bluetooth can only be connected if the intended device also turns on its Bluetooth.

So if the target device has turned on Bluetooth as well, then the Bluetooth will automatically detect the device. Although Bluetooth can connect with seven devices at once, the devices do not interfere with each other because they each use one of the total 79 available channels.

Bluetooth has low power, so this technology can stay connected for a short period of time. Even so, if you use Bluetooth, it seems safer than you using a wireless network that operates over long distances such as WIFI.

Bluetooth for Sending Apps

But now, Bluetooth can not only be used to send videos, photos, music, or others, but it turns out that Bluetooth can also be used to send applications. Although now there are many applications that we can download through the Google Play Store, of course, you know that if you download, you must use quota.

Now, by choosing to use Bluetooth to send applications, it’s very useful for those of you who don’t have a quota anymore. Before we will explain the steps on how to send applications via Bluetooth, there are several things you need to know. Before you send anything to another device using Bluetooth, then you also have to do permission first.

Bluetooth needs permissions for Bluetooth communication such as requesting and receiving connections and transferring data on other devices. In addition, Bluetooth also requires access to fine locations. Why do you need this permission? Because Bluetooth can be used to collect information about the location where you are at that time.

Many think why not just use Whatsapp to send, but as we know, WhatsApp can only be run if we have a quota. In contrast to Bluetooth, which we can even send applications with this device without using a quota. Let’s directly discuss how to send applications via Bluetooth below, take a good look!

How to Send Applications Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth has become a service to send data stored on all mobile phones. Anyone would need it to send or receive small and even large files.

In addition, the feature can also be used to send an application via a smartphone quickly and easily. You can also use it with the help of a third application. Some simple steps to send applications via Bluetooth include:

1. How to Send Applications Via Bluetooth via ShareCloud

  • Download the ShareCloud app via the Google Play Store.
  • Press Install to install the application.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on both devices.
  • Open ShareCloud.
  • Select the Select File menu.
  • Press the Application button or Applications.
  • Select the application you want to send via Bluetooth.
  • Tekan tombol Share File with Your Friends.
  • Select the Bluetooth option.
  • Specify the receiving Bluetooth device.

2. How to Send Applications Via Bluetooth via Backup & Restore – Easiest Backup Tool

  • Download the Backup & Restore – Easiest Backup Tool app via Google Play Store.
  • Press Install.
  • Enable Bluetooth on both connected devices.
  • Open the previously downloaded application.
  • When it is opened, you can see all the applications installed on your phone.
  • Specify the application you want to send.
  • Press Send or Send.
  • Pilih Send by Other Apps.
  • Find the Bluetooth option.

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3. How to Send Applications Via Bluetooth via ES File Explorer

  • Download the ES File Explorer app via the Google Play Store.
  • Press the Install button to install the application.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of the two applications that will be connected.
  • Open ES File Explorer from the sending phone.
  • Select the Library and Application options.
  • Find the application you want to send.
  • Press and hold the selected application logo for a few seconds until a checkmark appears.
  • Select the Share or Share menu.
  • Press the Bluetooth button.
  • Search for the receiving device name via Bluetooth.

Important Things When Sending Apps via Bluetooth You Should Know

To send applications via Bluetooth, then you can rely on the third application that we recommend as above. However, you need to pay attention to simple things so that you can complete one of the procedures properly and correctly without ending in failure, especially if there are a lot of applications sent.

This is because the two devices that will be connected via Bluetooth should not be far apart. The reason is, sending applications via Bluetooth must be within a distance of about 1 to 2 meters, in contrast to sending files via WhatsApp and the like where both parties do not need to be close together because they can be received from a distance though.

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