How To See Password Once Typed On A Computer- Best Guide In 2021

How To See Password Once Typed On A Computer

Each browser that is used to log in to a particular site usually offers a password store. How to view passwords that have been typed on a computer through this browser is very easy. You just need to do a few settings so that the browser can display the password.

Password storage in the browser is practically practical, but you need to be careful. The point here is that it should be deleted when you no longer use it. Here you can take advantage of the clear cache and data features contained in each browser.

See Password Once Typed on A Computer

1. Via Opera

  1. It should be noted that here using the latest version of the Opera browser.
  2. Run the browser as usual.
  3. The Opera front page will open and now click on the Opera logo present at the top left corner.
  4. Of the many choice options, click the Settings option.
  5. The Settings page will open, then scroll down until you find the Advanced button.
  6. Click the Advanced button, then pay attention to the Autofill sub-menu.
  7. The way to find out the saved password is to click the Password option.
  8. If the password has been previously typed and saved, it will be displayed on that page.
  9. The way to see it is by clicking the eye icon on the right side of the password.
  10. If you want to delete it, you can click the three dots icon, then select the Deleted option.

2. Via Chrome

  1. As with Opera, make sure Chrome is up to date and run the application.
  2. Now, click on the dot button icon at the top right corner and select the option Settings.
  3. On the Settings page, the Autofill menu will usually be displayed immediately.
  4. Under Autofill there are generally several options, select Password to find out what passwords are stored and from which sites.

3. Via Mozilla

  1. How to view passwords stored on Mozilla is a little different than the previous two.
  2. First, open the browser first.
  3. Then press the three-line button in the upper right corner, then select the Options option.
  4. On the Options page, click the Privacy & Security menu.
  5. Usually on the right side, after clicking the menu, several settings related to this Privacy & Policy will appear.
  6. Look for the Logins and Password sub-menu and note the two buttons on the right side of the sub-menu.
  7. Generally, there are Exceptions and Saved Logins buttons.
  8. Press the Saved Logins button to find out which passwords have been saved.
  9. A new page will open, where the password that was typed and saved will appear.

Is Storing Passwords on the Computer Dangerous?

If there is a question like that, then the answer can be dangerous or not. It is dangerous if the computer or laptop that is used to store the password is used by many people. Conditions like this will risk the leakage of passwords and other data.

The answer is no if the computer or laptop you are using is your personal property. Not used by others or loaned for a while. What this means is that only you know the password.

Tips for Storing Passwords on the Computer

One of the most important tips to do when saving a password on a computer is to make sure that no one else is using the computer. For security, you can delete passwords that are stored permanently.

It should be noted that the way to view passwords that have been typed on this computer is recommended to view your own passwords. Don’t use this method to get someone else’s password if you don’t want to bear the danger or risk in the future.

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