How To Root BlueStacks 4 And Install SuperSU 2.82- Best In 2021

Root BlueStacks 4 And Install SuperSU

In this tutorial, we’ll show you ways to root Bluestacks 4 and install the SuperSU 2.82 and SU Binary files. When it involves Android emulators for your PC and macOS, Bluestacks would probably occupy the highest spot. Right from its feature set to stability and handy interface, it’s among the well-liked emulator for several. While most use it to undertake out their desired games within the full-screen mode and gain an immersive gaming experience, others may additionally use it for debugging and testing purposes.

Along an equivalent line, today we’ll be discussing a reasonably handy tip through which you’ll easily root this emulator also. After this, you’ll then also install the SuperSU and its necessary binary files which will assist you to get the specified administrative and system-level privileges. So without further ado, here are the specified instructions to root Bluestacks 4 and install the SuperSU 2.82 and SU Binary files. Follow along.

Root BlueStacks 4 and Install SuperSU and Binary Files

Some of you would possibly ask why would one like better to root the emulator instead of their Android devices. Well, it’s simply because of the very fact that rooting smartphones comes with quite a few associated risks. From making the warranty null to the probabilities of the device getting bricked, many users like it better to keep a secure distance from the basis on their devices. However, when it involves the emulator, it doesn’t accompany any such risks.

If at any point in time something goes wrong, you’ll easily close the app and relaunch it with no issue. And if we mention the positives, well then there are quite a few of them. you’ll be ready to try various system-level modifications and tweaks, and will even try some root-exclusive apps- right from the emulator itself. thereupon said, let’s get on with the tutorial to root Bluestacks 4 and install the SuperSU 2.82 and SU Binary files.


To begin with, there are a few prerequisites that you would need. Please go through the below requirement section and make sure to get hold of the mentioned files.

  • Make sure you have the latest build of Bluestacks up and running.
  • Next up, download the latest version of BlueStacks Tweaker. We would be using this application to unlock your Bluestack, root it, and then install the necessary SU binaries.
  • Also, download the SuperSu 2.82 APK file.
  • Likewise, you could also use the Root Checker app to check if the Bluestack has been properly rooted or not. This is optional.

These were the required files. You may now proceed with the steps to root Bluestacks 4 and install the SuperSU 2.82 and SU Binary files.

How to Root Bluestacks 4

  1. Install or update the Bluestacks on your PC (if needed). Don’t launch it yet. Furthermore, make sure none of its programs or services are running. Head over to the Task Manager (use Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and close all its associated programs.
  2. Then download and extract the contents of the BlueStacks Tweaker onto a convenient location on your PC.
  3. Now launch the BlueStacks Tweaker app by executing its EXE file. Then click on the Force Kill BS button situated at the top right. This will close all the processes of Bluestack.force kill BlueStacks
  4. Head over to the Root section of Bluestacks Tweaker and make sure both the ADB and BlueStacks are shown via the Red color light at the top-right. Then click on the Unlock button.unlock BlueStacks
  5. The process will take a few minutes and once completed, it will display the Unlock: True message at the bottom bar.unlock success
  6. Now head over to the main section and click on the Start BS button. It will launch the Bluestack application.start BlueStacks
  7. Again head over to the BlueStacks Tweaker and go to the Root section. You should now see both the ADB and BlueStacks in green status BlueStacks
  8. Click on the Patch button and after a few seconds, you should see the Root Patch: True status at the bottom bar.root patch BlueStacks
  9. Next up, click on the Install SuperSu (2.79) button. When it’s done, you should see the SuperSu icon on the Bluestack Player as well.
  10. Then click on the Update Su Binary (2.79). Once the update is complete, the Bluestack player will be closed. Head over to the Main section of BlueStacks Tweaker and click on Start BS.
  11. With this, the root of Bluestacks 4 has been successfully done. You have also installed the SuperSU and its binaries. You may launch the Root Checker app on your Bluestack and verify the root as well. Launch the app, hit the Verify button, and grant it the SuperSu request.
  12. There is just one more thing left to do. You see, we have installed the SuperSu as well as its binary files (v2.79), but they are not the latest builds (v2.82).
  13. So download the SuperSu 2.82 APK file from the Prerequisites section onto your PC. Then launch the Blueatack player and click on the overflow icon next to the Installed app section.
  14. From the menu that appears, click on Install APK, browse to the SuperSu 2.82 APK file and select it.
  15. Launch the SuperSu app on the Bluestack and you will be greeted with the SuperSu Update popup. Click on Continue.
  16. In the subsequent dialog box that appears, click on Normal. Then the process will begin and after completion, you will get the installation success prompt.
  17. Finally, close Blusestacks and relaunch it from the BlueStacks Tweaker > Main > Start BS. When the emulator launches, open the SuperSu application and head over to the Settings section. There you should see the SuperSu v2.82 installed.

So this was all from this guide on how to root Bluestacks 4 and install the SuperSU 2.82 and SU Binary files. If you have any doubts relating to the aforementioned steps, do let us know in the comments section below.

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