How To Reset Your Modem To Default Settings? Best Ways In 2021

Reset Your Modem To Default Settings

A modem is a device designed to connect devices through a coax cable collection to the Internet Service Provider. It takes signals from the ISP and translates them properly into signals every local device in the network can use and vice versa. It is different from the router. This is because the router is a box that lets the wired and wireless devices use the Internet connection at once and lets them talk to one another devoid of having to do so over the Internet.

You may have decided to reset your wire modem to the manufacture’s default settings and think about how to do it without complexity and delay in any aspect. You have to utilize either the restart button on the backside of the wired modem or the manufacture reset software button. You must use the Reset button on the back panel in case you have changed the default password for accessing the cable modem and lost such a password.

If you reset the cable model to factory default settings, then your modem’s user name is admin and the password is password. The IP address of the LAN is at all times. Nobody can change this IP address

Reset button 

It is time to focus on how to reset your modem to factory default settings with the help of the Reset button. You can focus on the following step-by-step guidelines and make a well-informed decision to use them as per requirements.

  • Power on the cable modem
  • Insert a straightened paper clip into the Reset button
  • Press and hold for about 7 seconds until the overall LEDs blink
  • Release the Reset button

Now, the overall configuration of the cable modem is reset to factory default settings. The cable modem reboots when the reset process is complete. This process takes about one minute.

You must not interrupt the reset process to avoid the risk of firmware corruption. If you load the new page, click a link, or close the browser or turn off the cable modem or modem router, then you interrupt the firmware.

Factory reset software button 

You can use the Factory reset software button to reset the cable modem to the factory default settings. The following details explain you such thing.

  • Launch the web browser from the computer or mobile connected to the network
  • Enter
  • Enter the username and password of the cable modem or modem router
  • The default username and password are admin and password respectively. Keep in mind that the username and the password are case-sensitive.
  • Now, the Basic Homepage displays
  • Choose ADVANCED
  • Now, the Cable Information panel displays
  • Click the Factory reset button
  • A confirmation message displays
  • Click the OK button
  • The configuration is reset to factory default settings. The cable modem reboots after the completion of the reset process. The time duration for this process is usually about one minute.

Be aware of when to reset the modem 

All beginners to the modem reset process are advised to know when they have to do a factory reset. They can reset the modem to the default factory settings when they have changed some settings they cannot undo or their modem is not working properly. A simple reboot at first is always worth it before doing the modem reset.

The main benefits modem reset process 

A full factory modem reset returns the modem to its out-of-the-box settings and fixes the following things.

  • Can’t connect to the internet errors
  • Choppy VOIP
  • Device conflicts
  • Gaming problems
  • Port connection issues
  • Routing errors
  • Slow connection speeds
  • Wireless network issues

Make informed decisions 

New and regular users of the modem and router are advised to be aware of how to efficiently use such devices. They have to unplug their modem and router and wait for at least half a minute.

Now, plug in the modem and press the power button when required. The next step is to wait at least one minute and plug in the router. Now, Press the power button and turn it on when required. The next step is to wait at least 2 minutes before using or testing the devices.

Many people do not know what they have to do when the process of rebooting the modem and router fixes the problem. They have to find, choose, and follow the particular troubleshooting techniques for the overall network and Internet issues. They can contact their ISP for assistance when the modem has trouble getting the signal from the internet service provider. They can also look closely at the network set up inside the home.

Some people doubt whether restarting the modem and rebooting the modem is the same or not. They have to know and remember that both processes are for unique purposes. One is more temporary than the other.

A modem reset reverts to factory settings. This process is a short version of the factory reset of the device. Removing wireless settings and other important configurations are involved in this process.

The reset process puts the modem to its original default state before alterations like the Wi-Fi password clearing, reinstating the default modem password, ad deleting the custom DNS servers, were made to it.

Restarting or rebooting is the simple troubleshooting step to fix what is not working properly in the modem. This process fixes several problems like correcting the network issues.

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