How To Repair Corrupt PST When ScanPST Fails In 2022

Repair Corrupt PST

One of the oldest file formats in Windows is PST(Personal Storage Table). This file format was created by Microsoft and is used by many services like Microsoft Exchange client, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft outlook. The purpose of this file format is to store messages, event information, emails, and other files within their platforms.

These files are useful because they limit the storage used by different services. POP accounts store their information in (.pst) files.

Given the wide applications of pst files sitting on millions of computers. The lost or corrupt pst file can cause disruption even if you are a user of Windows Messaging, Microsoft Exchange, or Microsoft Outlook.

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Types of Outlook Data Files

There are three types of outlook data files. They have some similarities and differences.

Outlook data files (.pst)

It is the most common outlook data file used. It stores messages, emails, and different items like calendars and events, etc. These files are for POP email accounts. POP email accounts are those accounts that you add when adding an email.

.pst can be used to export and back up important files. Furthermore, emails, messages, calendars, contacts, and many more can be imported using .pst.

In outlook 2013 and earlier versions, IMAP accounts also used to use .pst to store data. But after outlook 2016 it changed to .ost.

The benefit of using .pst is that it saves all of your data onto your computer within the software and thus can be accessed at any time. Furthermore, the data is stored on your computer saving mailbox space that can be used for other important things. Taking into account that the mailbox has limited space .pst gives a benefit.

Offline outlook data file (.ost)

Account types like IMAP accounts,, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Exchange use .ost files. Because it provides a copy of the mailbox, messages, contacts, and many other services offline. These copies are in sync with the online stored data.

This file type is useful because, in case of the absence of the internet, any important changes made in the offline copy are also automatically made in the online version.

Outlook group storage file (.nst)

.nst file is used to store group conversations and group data. It is the newest type of outlook data file. This file is more like a .ost file. Every online data has its offline copy which is perfectly synced with the online version.

Issues with PST files 

 Any type of file can have some issues. So a file type as old as .pst can also face some issues. It is not easy to cope with new and changing technology. There are always some problems that needed to be fixed

In the case of PST files, it is common to see a corrupted or missing .pst file.

There can be many reasons but here are some common ones.

While using any .pst file if the program you are using or Window closes unexpectedly. It can cause your file to be corrupted or missing.

Some organizations tend to put their files online so anyone can use them. To use this file the user must have the internet but in the case of an unexpected internet shutdown, the pst file you are working on can become corrupted.

Also the larger the size of the file the more the chances of corruption.

PST file Recovery 

If you find a corrupted .pst file on your computer and the file is important to you, don’t need to worry. Here are some ways to repair your PST files. This method can also be applied to repair OST files if corrupted. There are some free methods. In case they do not work, third-party repairs can also be used effectively. One such third-party software is Stellar PST File Repair Tool. Stellar is a very effective and unique tool that can solve every problem related to pst/ost files.


An inbox repair tool provided by Microsoft itself can be used to repair PST files and for PST recovery. Once you have found a corrupted file, immediately close Outlook. Then run the scanpst.exe file.

If you have trouble finding the scanpst.exe. Here are some common locations to find manually 

For Outlook 2016

<disk drive>\Program Files(×86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16 

For Outlook 2013 

<disk drive>\Program Files(×86)\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15

For Outlook 2010 

<disk drive>:\Program Files(×86)\Microsoft Office\Office14

Once the inbox repair tool has been opened browse the file that has been corrupted. Click on the start button to start the file scan.

ScanPST will start a structural scan to find problems in your file.

Once the scan is finished. Restart your outlook and look for your file. You might see a folder named Recovered Personal Folder on your outlook. This folder contains the report about the repairs that are not added to the original structure.

You might find success while using scanPST to repair PST files on your computer. But most of the time it disappoints.

Look for backup 

If you have set an automatic regular backup. It could be helpful for you. Look for the file that has been corrupted and restore it.

This method only works if a regular backup is set and you are aware of the file which has been corrupted.

Because sometimes files disappear instead of being corrupted.

What If ScanPST fails?

Despite this fact, the inbox repair tool (scanpst.exe) is provided by Microsoft itself. Most of the time it does not work properly and leaves the user with Corrupted/Missing files.

In that case, a third-party tool like Stellar can be life-saving. 

Stellar PST File Repair Tool:-

The Stellar PST File Recovery Tool is an excellent tool to repair or recover any PST file. With Stellar, deleted pst files can be retrieved and any potential harm from any virus can be detected.

This tool can be used by individuals as well as organizations. No special knowledge is needed to operate the tool. It is user-friendly. This tool is great to recover PST files of any kind.


It can also be used to convert OST to PST. Passwords can also be recovered using stellar.

Filters can also be applied to enhance results for deleted files.

You can also try the free version of Stellar before purchasing.

As in the above picture, it can be seen how user-friendly the Stellar Repair for Outlook’s Graphic User Interface (GUI) is. It presents its user with a tree-like structure which helps better to understand the problems.


You can repair both ost and pst files using Stellar Repair for Outlook. As in the above screenshot, you can see how easy it is to repair OST or repair the pst file. In the home section, you will see a select outlook data file option. Click on the option a dialogue box will appear. You can click on the find button so the software can find the damaged file itself. Or you can click the browse button to manually select the damaged/corrupted pst/ost file and can apply repair.


Once the file has been selected and applied for repair, you will see a loading screen as shown above. That loading screen shows the progress of the repair. Once the selected file has been repaired, you will see a loading screen as shown above. It will be shown to the user as a tree so the user can verify that all files have been recovered.


Contents of recovered pst/ost files can be examined within the software just click on the file you want to check a preview will appear as shown in the screenshot below. The free edition of the Software allows you to preview repairable/recoverable files. You can recover removed files by entering the license key you have.


PST is a widely used format generally used by POP accounts and is most commonly used by Microsoft services. As the format is very old. There is a high chance of any file in .pst format being corrupted. Some common issues are given that can be looked for. ScanPST can be used to repair PST files but It fails. There is excellent third-party software that can be used to recover and repair any .pst files.

Stellar is an excellent choice to recover/repair any PST file without damage. Furthermore, Stellar is user-friendly and can be used by businesses and individuals alike. Stellar PST File Repair Tool can serve you in so many ways that you cannot imagine.

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