How To Remove Activation Lock without Previous Owner’s Password- Best Ways In 2022

How To Remove Activation Lock?

iPhone has always been considered a sign of class. That is why after the release of every new iPhone, the market is flooded with old iPhones. People choose old iPhones over new Android devices. Most of the time these old iPhones have an activation lock. This activation lock is due to the iCloud of the previous owner. It could be frustrating to buy a device and then find it locked.

Apple’s activation lock is a safety measure to prevent any unauthorized person from using Apple devices without the owner’s permission. But No need to worry if you have a locked iPhone. It can be bypassed without the previous owner’s password. Bypassing the activation lock is difficult but not impossible. Here are some methods that can come in handy while bypassing the old iPhone activation lock.

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Methods of Removing Activation Lock 

Bypassing the iPhone Activation lock is not easy. But there are some ways to Bypass/Unlock it. Below are some methods you can try if you have a locked iPhone. Starting from the simplest to the most complicated process.

Method#1 Contact the Apple Support Team 

If you have purchased this phone and have all the receipts and are not in contact with the previous owner of the phone you can contact the apple support team.

You have to get in contact with the Apple support team and let them know about the problem you are facing.

Then you will be asked to submit the proof of purchase from the previous owner. Or if you got it from a dead relative to show their death certificates. Then you have to wait.

Once all the proofs have been submitted. Apple’s team will review everything you have provided. If the proof you have given has been verified. Your iPhone will be unlocked by the Apple team.

This method only works if the purchase is legal and you have a record/proof. But if you lack any of the factors Apple support won’t be able to do anything.

Method#2 DNS Bypass 

If you bought an old version of the iPhone before iPhone X. There is a high chance that this method might work for you. This method is mostly manual. In this method, you can take advantage of a wifi DNS loophole and trick the iPhone into Unlocking. You will reroute the iPhone from Apple to a third-party cloud.

Here are the steps you need to follow to remove the iPhone activation lock using DNS Bypass.

Step 1 Turn on your IOS device.

Step 2 Proceed with setting up a new device until you reach the connect wifi screen.

Step 3 Connect the device to a wifi network.

Step 4 Once connected to a wifi network. You will see 3 symbols with the wifi name. One of the symbols is blue “i”.

Step 5 Click on the blue “i” symbol. Wifi settings will pop up. Under DNS you will find Configure DNS. Click on Configure DNS.

Click on Configure DNS

Step 6 After clicking on configure DNS you will find more options. The top two options are automatic and manual. Click on manual and insert any of the given DNS values.

Click on manual and insert any of the given DNS values

Return to the wifi page and proceed with the setup. Proceed setup with your apple id and you will find your iPhone unlocked.

You might not always find this method useful especially in the case of new IOS devices.

Method#3 Third-Party Bypass 

When all of the above methods fail. Then the only effective way of bypassing the activation lock is by using third-party software. There is much third-party software like AnyUnlock, Islaver, and many more. We show you the bypassing method using anylock.

You can use any other third-party software if you like. You must have a PC/Laptop for this method. If you don’t have one you can borrow it from friends/family or can use a public computer library. Every software has the same steps.

Here are the steps you need to follow using AnyUnlock software.

Step 1 Install the software on your PC/Laptop. Once installed Run the software and click on start.

Step 2 Connect your IOS device to your PC/Laptop. Then select the Bypass iCloud Activation lock option on the screen.

select the Bypass iCloud Activation lock option on the screen

Step 3 Wait until your device is detected. Once the device is detected click on the Start Now button.

Step 4 Once clicked on start now you will see your device interface on the screen with a Jailbreak button. Click on the Jailbreak button.

Click on the Jailbreak button

Step 5 The software will Jailbreak your phone. It will take some time. Once Jailbreak is done. You will see a Bypass option. Click on Bypass now to Bypass Activation Lock.

Click on Bypass now to Bypass Activation Lock

Step 6 After clicking on Bypass Now it will take some time and a message will pop up on the screen iCloud bypass successfully.

At this point, you have unlocked your device.


In the modern-day, the iPhone has become a mark of class. Everyone wants to possess one. Sometimes people can not afford a new one, so they tend to buy a used iPhone. Most of the time these iPhones are locked and require an activation lock from the previous owner. And most of the time it is not an option to contact the previous owner. There are some ways explained by using them one can unlock Activation Lock without the previous owner’s password.

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