How To Reduce PDF Size Offline And Online Best Ways 2021

How To Reduce PDF Size Offline

The pdf document format has become the most widely used document format. This is because the document remains intact even though it is transferred to any device. In addition, most Operating Systems already provides a built-in feature for reading pdf documents without having to install additional software. This is what causes the pdf to appear to be the standard format for today’s documents.

However, it cannot be denied that the size or memory usage of a pdf file is larger when compared to other document formats, such as Word, Excel, etc. Meanwhile, sometimes you find an online form filling that must attach the document in pdf format.

Where the size should not be more than 500KB for example. If it turns out that your PDF document size is more than that, then of course this will be a problem and very troublesome. You may not edit the pdf document to reduce its size. The only way is to find a way that can be done to reduce the size of the pdf.

There are many online tools or sites that you can use to reduce pdf size, reduce pdf size, compress pdf, or whatever the term is. Some of these methods are paid and there are also providers of pdf compression that can be used for free. In addition, in terms of usage, some can be used to compress PDFs online and some can be used offline. Examples of sites that can be used online are iLovePDF, Shrink PDF, and many other sites. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to do it online then you can use Nitro Pro to shrink the pdf size offline.

How to Reduce PDF Size Offline and Online

As has been said before, if you want to reduce the pdf file size, there are various ways you can use it. Some ways can be done online and offline. If you want to shrink the pdf size online, then simply visit the online pdf compress provider site. Meanwhile, if you want to reduce the offline pdf file size, then you can use Nitro Pro.

1. compress PDFs with PDF Candy’s

All you need to do to compress PDF document is to drag and drop the original file into the opened tab of your browser, set the PDF compression level and click “Compress”. PDF Candy will start processing your file right away. Click the “Download file” button to get the compressed file.

2. Reduce PDF Size Offline Using Nitro Pro

The first way you can do to reduce the size of the pdf file for certain purposes is to reduce the size of the pdf offline. In this section, one of the software you can use is Nitro Pro. However, to use it, make sure that you have installed Nitro Pro on the PC Desktop or Laptop you are using. If it is already installed, then please follow the steps below to compress the pdf file size using Nitro Pro.

The first step is to open the Nitro Pro software on your Desktop PC or Laptop. Then, please open the pdf file that you want to reduce its size. The trick is, please click File, then click Open on the main Nitro Pro window.

Then, on the right panel, please click computer and click Browse to find the pdf file to open. In the Open window, please find and click on the pdf file that you want to reduce in size then click Open. Or, you can also open the pdf file in Nitro Pro by right-clicking on the pdf file, then selecting Open With > Nitro Pro.

open file in Nitro Pro software

Next, after your pdf file opens, please click File on the Nitro Pro page. Then, in the options that appear, please click Optimize PDF.

optimze PDF in Nitro Pro software;/;In the Optimize PDF window, you can choose several options to compress the pdf. You can select the Reduce size option then click Optimize to start the process of compressing the pdf file size.

Next, the Optimized PDF Results window will appear showing the size of the pdf file after it has been compressed, namely in the Reduced file size section. If the size is what you want, then please click Accept to start the process of compressing the pdf file size.

However, if the size is not suitable, then please click Back on the previous Optimize PDF Results window. Then, in the Optimize PDF window, please click the Custom option.

Next, on the Optimizing Details window, please click Custom on the Page Content section and then click the Settings… button.

Then, in the Optimized Document window, please change all the DPI to lower, for example, 96. If the result is still not small enough, then please use the smallest DPI, which is 72. However, you need to note that the smaller the DPI number you provide, the less quality the pdf file will be. the. When finished, please click Ok in all windows. Then, click Optimize again in the Optimize PDF window.

Optimized Document option

Next, a new tab will open containing a reduced size pdf document. You can save the pdf file by clicking the Save icon in the upper left corner of the Nitro Pro window.

3. Reduce PDF Size Online Using Shrink PDF

The second way you can reduce the pdf size is to do it online, namely through the Shrink PDF site. This site you can use to reduce the size of the pdf file for free. What is clear is that you need an internet connection to use it.

Actually, this site is very easy to use to shrink the pdf size. To be clearer, please follow the steps below.

Please open your browser, then in the address bar, please type Then, in the main window of the site, please click Upload Files to upload the pdf file which you will reduce in size. Then, in the Open window that appears, please find and click the PDF file that you want to reduce its size, then click Open.

shrink PDF

Furthermore, the process of compressing the pdf size will take place automatically. Please wait until the process of uploading and compressing the pdf is complete. When finished, please click Download to download the reduced size pdf file.

4. Reduce PDF Size Online Using iLovePDF

The third way to reduce pdf size online is through the iLovePDF website. You can also use this site for free, the important thing is that you have an internet connection. For clarity, please follow the steps below to use this site to shrink the pdf file size.

The first step, please open a browser on your Laptop or Desktop PC, then in the address bar type Then, in the main window of the site, please click Compress PDF.

Please click Select PDF files to upload a pdf file that will be reduced in size in the next window. Then, in the Open window, please find and click the pdf file that will be reduced in size, then click Open.

Then, on the right side of the screen, please select a compression level, it is advisable to select the Recommended Compression option. However, if the result is still not small, please click the Extreme Compression option. After that, please click Compress PDF to start the pdf compressing process.

Recommended Compression

Next, please wait until the pdf compressing process is complete. When finished, please click Download compressed PDF to download the reduced size PDF.

Those are 3 ways that you can use to reduce the pdf file size. There is something you can do online using Shrink PDF and iLovePDF. And there is also something you can do offline using Nitro Pro. Each method, of course, has advantages and disadvantages.

If you do it online, the advantage is that you don’t need to install software, while the disadvantage is that you won’t be able to use this method if you are not connected to the internet. Meanwhile, if you do it offline using Nitro Pro, the advantage is that you don’t have to be connected to the internet, while the drawback is that you have to install the Nitro Pro software on the Desktop PC or Laptop you use.

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