How To Overcome Error 5B00- Best Ways In 2021

How To Overcome Error 5B00

How to Solve Error 5B00 – Hello my friend on the occasion of it back again will provide discussion author of articles on How to Solve Error 5B00. So how do you solve this error? Of course, this article will give you a solution. For that, let’s see the article below.

Please note, many problems often occur with printers, one of which is  Error 5B00. This problem can occur in almost all printers. However, this discussion will focus more on how to solve the 5B00 error on the Canon IP2770 printer.

Well, for friends who are currently experiencing various error problems, one of which is 5B00 on the Canon IP2770, the author will provide the following solution below.

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Cause of Error 5B00 on Printer

In general, this 5B00 error occurs due to the accumulation of ink absorbers and pad waste. This has led to delays in various print processes. In fact, sometimes this also causes processes that have stalled or are very stuck.

As mentioned earlier, this 5B00 error problem will be more often found in various printer brands such for example Canon IP2770, Canon G2000, Canon MP287, Canon MG2870, and so on.

When you experience an error, usually the printer will immediately indicate in the form of a blinking light. Not only that, but the printer will also be able to provide notifications on the computer screen.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5B00

Below is a guide and some ways to solve the 5B00 error.

Download the Service Tool

To deal with the 5B00 error problem, Canon itself has provided an antidote in the form of a Service Tool or Software Resetter program. By using this application, some problems that have appeared on Canon printers can be resolved.

Just to provide info, on several types of laptops, some have immediately succeeded by using the Service Tool v1074. However, some are not successful in providing information not responding when using v1074 so they must be able to use the v3400 Service Tool.

Enter Service Mode

Before making various repairs by flashing, your printer must enter service mode first. This is so that the flashing process can run smoothly without any errors.

Here’s how to enter service mode:

  1. Make sure your printer is turned off.
  2. If so, press the Resume button for two seconds while you press the Power button until the indicator light turns green.
  3. After this indicator light turns green, release the Resume button by keeping the Power button pressed.
  4. Press the Resume button again up to  5x  (you do this by pressing the button and then releasing it up to 5x).
  5. If you have done it 5 times, release the two buttons simultaneously. Automatically, the indicator light will change to flash and return to green.

After performing the various sequence of steps above, usually, the computer or group of laptops will automatically detect the printer as a new set of devices. But it won’t be a problem, just leave it and that will go to the next process.

Install Printer Paper

One thing you shouldn’t miss is loading paper into the printer. So, this paper will later be used as a printout and also used to find out whether the reset process was successful or not.

For the amount of paper, you can insert a lot of paper at once or only insert a few sheets. In essence, the minimum paper is more than 4.

Reset Canon Printer

After everything is prepared, including the printer paper and the Service Tool, you can immediately reset the Canon printer. To use this step, use the Service Tool v3400.

Please follow the guide below according to the version of the Service Tool you are using.

Service Tool v3400

  • Extract the Service Tool v3400 file that you downloaded earlier.
  • When finished, run the application by a double-clicking buddy.
  • The first step, click Set in the  Clear Ink Counter then buddy, wait for the process to finish. When finished, the printer will automatically print with the result which is D = 000 * 0.
  • In the Ink Aborter Counter,  do the same thing by clicking Set. If successful, it will appear “A function was finished”, please buddy, click  Ok.
  • Next, you have to do this by clicking  EEPROM > if a new window appears, just leave it as the default > click Ok and then wait for the printer to print automatically.
  • On the paper results from the printer, my friend will see various writings. However, the most important thing is that it says TPAGE (TTL = 00000).* Sometimes, the numbers in the TTL will be different, that is not a problem.
  • Done.

Thus the discussion on How to Overcome the 5B00 Error. Hope the authors hope it can help my friend overcome the error on the printer that you have. So many articles this time, I hope this is useful, and thank you for visiting.

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