How To Maximize Video Marketing For Beginners- Best Ways In 2021

How To Maximize Video Marketing

The 21st century is a digital era where the internet is king. Everything online. People’s habits are now changing.

They no longer spend some of their free time watching TV but are busy playing smartphones/ PCs/ Laptops. Of course for browsing or even watching videos online.

Now the habits of people who like the online system, make it an attraction for business people. In the past, people could get to know a brand thanks to watching advertisements on TV.

However, this is considered less effective anymore. Because they are more interested in their smartphone. Now business people are starting to shift to using video as a marketing medium.

How powerful does video marketing affect business? Yes, of course, it still depends on the quality of the interesting content. This is a big challenge for business people to be able to create quality content.

Understanding Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a way to market a product using video. This is indeed very fitting if used in online marketing, where it can be more extensive and detailed to introduce a product.

Importance of Using Video

Video is one of the most powerful marketing campaign media, why?

With the concept of the video, image and sound displayed simultaneously, viewers can quickly absorb the message you want to convey.

So they can quickly decide to try the products you offer and even decide to buy.

  • It is easy to be enjoyed and accepted by the public because potential customers can see the product directly and clearly.
  • The most effective way to introduce and enhance brand identity.
  • Video media is the easiest for viewers to spread and find.
  • The process of making videos is quite affordable.
  • The use of video can increase business conversions.
  • Can be easily viral by the audience.

Types of Video Marketing

Before creating content, you should know which type of video you will be using. Because the type of video will also affect the content you want to create.

Educational Videos

Video Education is intended as an understanding and introduction of a product which can provide solutions for solving problems experienced by consumers.

Demo Video

The demo video shows the performance that the product you introduce can do. Like unboxing or doing product trials.

Event Videos

Video Events are usually made by holding seminars, conferences, or product launching events that you have. That’s when the event video is captured and can be replayed as a marketing video for product marketing.

Interview Videos

This video collaborates with experts or experts from the products you have. Which in this video is often asked and answered about the products you have.

Animated Videos

Animated video is a collection or series of moving images created through computer graphics. You can use animations to explain things that can’t be explained using videos played by models.

Webinar Videos

A video webinar is an online video seminar held by a brand. Participants in this seminar do not need to leave the house to attend the seminar.

But you must have the media first to attract the attention of the audience. So that they are interested in participating in online seminars that are made.

Life Videos

How is it different from video events? If the video event undergoes an editing process first before being marketed.

If the video is live, it will be released immediately when the event is taking place. Many social media have live video features such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and others.

Branding Videos

Video branding in conducting marketing campaigns is one of the most important things. Where the making of this video is intended to build a brand that you have.

This video usually contains the vision and mission as well as the solutions that are offered to the community.

Preparation for Making Videos

Creating a plan is the first step in creating marketing content. Whatever it is, the media must prepare a plan starting from the smallest things to the most important.

Prepare Video Script

Scripts in making a video are important, which will make it easier to edit, and can make the video more structured, the storyline, and the arrangement of the images needed.

To create a script, you can start by making a simple doodle with a pen to pick up the points of the video. If you still find it difficult, you can create a table to make it easier to create and compose video scripts.

The thing you need to remember, in making videos, as much as possible use language that is easy to understand, clear and effective so that it is easy for consumers to remember and accept.

Prepare the Camera and Supporting Tools

There are so many camera options that you can use in making videos. Like a DSLR even from a smartphone, you can also make it.

The use of the tool is indeed a supporter with good quality, large size, and image sharpness.

But the most important thing is how the message you convey can be easily accepted and remembered by consumers.

Although only with a smartphone camera you can also get good results by understanding how to use it.

Learn Camera Shooting Techniques

The technique of taking pictures or videos usually includes the following components:

  • Frame Rate

Frame Rate is the number of images that will appear in every second of a running video or often called frames per second (Fps).

Usually, experts do the basic settings at 24 fps, or 30 fps, which is considered to be more suitable for shooting.

  • Aperture

Apparatus is a setting to adjust the light entering the camera lens. These settings need to be precise so that the resulting image is balanced, and nothing stands out from the other.

This aperture has a lens aperture of F-stop: f/1.4, f/2, f/2.8, f/4, f/5.6, f/8, f/16. If the smaller the lens is open, the f-stop aperture will be bigger and vice versa. Where the smallest aperture is at f/16 and the largest at f/1.4.

  • White Balance

This setting is used as a notification of the colour temperature around you. It is important to use this because each light has a different temperature to match the colours to make them more natural.

  • ISO

ISO is a measure of the camera’s sensitivity to light. Usually, the camera will provide settings with sizes 200, 400, 800, and 1600, even cameras that have more specifications, the ISO size can be more than 1600.

That way the performance of the iso itself is indicated by the greater the iso number, the more sensitive it is to light, and vice versa. If the iso number is low, the lens will be less sensitive to light.

  • Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed ​​basically regulates how fast a camera blinks. Where usually this setting is used in taking pictures with moving objects.

Shutter speed settings can be measured or viewed from the 1/X scale contained in the shutter speed setting. This explains the greater the value of X, the faster the resulting shutter speed.

  • Focus

Focus in DSLR camera settings has two ways, namely manual and autofocus. Where this setting is used to take the focus of the object that is the centre of the image.

Like taking pictures of mangoes. You can place the focus point on the fruit so that the objects around it look blurry.

Prepare Model

In preparing a model, try to get the right model. A model who can understand scripts, and understand what they are conveying.

Prepare the Place/ Studio

The selection and arrangement of the place or studio are also very important. Because an interesting background or place can also attract consumers to see until the end of the video you make.

In addition to the place, there is also equipment that you may need in taking pictures, such as a tripod, voice recorder, and so on.

Video Recording Method

By using the shoot for the edit method, the cameraman can take enough pictures to make it easier for the editor to edit the pictures that have been taken.

The Shoot for The Edit method can be used when there is a difference of understanding between the cameraman and the editor on the footage that has been taken.

That is by being a bridge by taking pictures of footage by describing in editing the pictures taken.

Organizing Footage

Many say that tidying up footage is boring. But this process is an important thing in the preparation of your video. Because the footage is a good and interesting video material.

Setting up Video Editing Software

You will encounter this process once you have selected footage for editing.

That way you also have to have or choose the editor tools you need such as VSDC Free Video Editor, Blender, Lightworks, Openshot, and iMovie.

If you have excess funds you can use Adobe Premiere Pro which has become the standard for video editors.

You can buy this Adobe Premiere Pro license by subscribing every month at the price of IDR 138,000.00 only every month.

Choosing Backsound Music

Music is also an important component in a video. Finding the right background music is like giving life to the videos you make.

In using background music, you also need to ask permission from the creator so that there is no violation of copyright.

Recording Narrative Audio

Actually not all videos need narration. Usually, the selected model is sufficient to provide narration.

However, if the narration is deemed lacking, then recording the narration is needed to add information that needs to be conveyed.

Doing Video SEO

This method can be said to be a way that is too bad to be missed. Because this method can boost your videos to attract more viewers, and make them your subscribers.

Do Video Search Engine Optimization. First, use the right keywords and easy for consumers to find.

Second, make the title of the video easy to remember and make people understand the content of the message you convey.

Third, make a description text on the products you offer. You can also add other information about the products you offer.

Fourth, Try to make videos of high quality. Due to high video quality, it affects SEO on search engines

Fifth, give the name of the video you uploaded the same as the name of the video file. Intended to make it easier to read your video thumbnails. Therefore you also need to upload videos with small files such as .mp4

Releasing Video

Before releasing the video you made, it would be better if you did some research first. Like what platforms are often used or visited by the audience.

Or do you want to release to all these platforms? It’s legal. Because the more media you use, the greater the chance that your video will be found by viewers.

You can write it on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Deciding where to release the video on the right platform will get a lot of consumers.

Tips for Creating Interesting Video Content

You should know what goals you want to achieve by publishing your video content. So you won’t lose your way when creating video content.

Here are tips for creating interesting video content.

Touch the Audience’s Emotions

Try to touch the emotions of the audience, so that it is easier to recognize and remember. Like a funny video, or hilarious.

First 10 Seconds

Make a good first impression. At least give the first 10 seconds of good content so that viewers can finish watching the video you make.

Following the Trend

Follow the trend that is currently booming. Like a TikTok dance, or in my feelings challenge.

Enter the right keywords

Use the right keywords. This is very important for you to pay attention to. Choosing the right keywords makes it easier for viewers to find your videos, and can appear in search engines as video recommendations.

You can also add words that can attract the attention of potential viewers. For example, you want to make a video about “video marketing tutorials”. To make it interesting, it can be changed to “How to make video marketing for beginners”, “Tutorials for making cheap video marketing”.

Be Unique

Fifth and lastly, Find a way to be the best and unique. Look for content ideas that are different from competitors. So that you are not labelled plagiarism. The key is to look for inspiration as widely as possible, and don’t be tired of innovating.

Free Video Editing App

Have you finished compiling the content that you will create? It’s execution time. But after that, you have to edit the video to make it interesting.

But don’t worry, if you are not good at editing videos, you can use tools or applications. The applications below will be easy for you to operate to create cool content.


Videopad is a beginner’s favourite video editing application. Besides being easy to use and free, the features offered are quite exclusive, you know.

There are 50 Visual Transition Effects features, adding narration via a microphone, adding subtitles, and much more.


Avidemux can be used on Mac or Windows OS for free. Lots of useful features such as filters, managing, trimming, and encoding videos to make them the way you want them to be.

Windows Movie Maker

This application is suitable for beginners. Even those who have never edited a video at all. Although it is easy to operate, this application has many features and various effects. You can customize it according to your needs.


In making video marketing, you need to pay attention to many things that can support the quality of the videos you make. Besides being proficient in the operation of video editing, you also need quality content.

So that the message you want to convey can be understood by the audience. Moreover, this video media can be used by anyone, not only big businessmen, even MSMEs or online shops can make it.

The key is to be creative and be able to understand the wishes of the audience or potential customers. Want to advertise but it’s not expensive, just make a marketing video.

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