How To Make Your Computer Run Faster- Best In 2021

How To Make Your Computer Run Faster?

In this era of computer and technology, the computer has become a necessary tool for everyone.  Computers get slower as many programs run simultaneously and there is a heavy load to the CPU, or there is the mismanagement of files. Besides, there is a slow computer startup and slow Internet surfing due to missing maintenance to the PC. If you are looking to make your computer runs faster and perform amazing again then, you get the answer below.

What is Advanced System Care 14?

Advanced SystemCare 14 is a tool that can make your computer perform very well. This is done by doing the following things:

  • Improving the speed of your computer.
  • Cleaning the unnecessary and junk files from the computer.
  • Making the computer safe to increase data protection.

All of these things are done with the embedded AI of the Advanced SystemCare 14 which makes the whole process very easy and amazing.

How to make your PC faster using the app?

We all have computers and what we do not care about the most are the fields that are just lying around on the computer. These files are the reason for the less storage space, less performance, and privacy dangers. It is because these can be viruses.

So, here are the steps that you need to follow to make your computer the best with the help of Advanced SystemCare 14.

1. Select the module that you will be using.

Once you have downloaded and installed Advanced SystemCare 14 you can start the process of making your computer better. So, you will start by selecting the module. The following are the 4 main modules.

  • Care
  • Speed up!
  • Protect
  • Software update
  • Action Center

Here you can select the module in the tool according to what you need to do.

2. Select the mode of process.

Once you are in the module, there will be some option in front of you. One option will be for the manual module while the other one will be for the AI module. As the Advanced SystemCare 14 comes with amazing AI embedded this can make your work very easy. So, it is recommended to use it. However, you can also use the manual mode and do things as you like.

3. Click and let the Advanced SystemCare 14 do all the work.

The final thing you need to do here is to click on the main button in that module. This will start the process and your computer will be made better. So, if you selected the speed-up module in the first step, doing this process will make your computer perform better at the end of the process. This will go accordingly to the module that you select.

How to Make Your Computer Run Faster


No matter you want your computer to perform better, have more protection or make more space, you can get help from advanced SystemCare14 full-round optimization. It worse downloading and using it as a computer helper tool.

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