How To Install Minecraft OptiFine- Best In 2023

How To Install Minecraft OptiFine

OptiFine has been around for years because the primary thanks to make Minecraft look amazing and realistic rather than blocky. It adds better functionality to the way the sport renders, which allows for better texture packs and shaders. during this guide, we’re explaining the simplest thanks to install it.

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How to Install Minecraft OptiFine

OptiFine may be a third-party software break away from the core Minecraft game. this suggests you would possibly see warnings or notifications that tell you what you’re downloading won’t be safe. Rest assured, OptiFine is safe, and we’re leading you to the proper downloads.

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Step One: Download and Install Java

The first thing you would like to understand about installing OptiFine is that to open it, you will need Java. Most people have already got it, but if your computer is new, there’s an honest chance you do not. you’ll download and install it using the subsequent link: Download Java for Windows.

Click the large red button thereon page to download and install it. If your browser warns you against files like this, you’ll prefer to keep it; it is a safe file.

Step Two: Download OptiFine

The next step is to download OptiFine. you’ll find the download for OptiFine using the subsequent link: OptiFine Downloads. We recommend downloading the newest version. However, if you play with a special version of Minecraft, click the link thereon page that says Show All Versions, and find the one for your version of Minecraft.

Once you have found the version of OptiFine that’s for your Minecraft version, click the button across from it that says Download. After you click the download button, you’ll be delivered to a billboard page. After a few seconds, click Skip on the ad page to be taken to the right download page.

On this new page, click the button that says Download again. Your browser may suggest that this sort of file is unsafe. you’ll disregard that; this is often the right link, and this file is safe. Just make certain you click the right button.

Step Three: Install OptiFine

This is the part that makes it necessary to possess first installed Java because it won’t allow you to perform this step if you didn’t do this. attend your downloads directory where you downloaded OptiFine. you’ll see a .jar file listed.

OptiFine installation

Double-click the OptiFine .jar file that you simply downloaded to form it and crop up a replacement window to put in OptiFine. Note: If you probably did not first install Java, this may not work. If you probably did not do that, return to the first step during this guide to put in, then attempt to open the .jar file again.

Click the Install button on this new window. OptiFine will install itself, without the necessity of setting it up within the launcher.

Step Four: Play With OptiFine

Now that it’s installed, open the Minecraft Launcher. Once you open it, you’ll see within the tabs on the highest, there’s a tab titled Installations. Navigate to the present tab.

Minecraft Launcher
Select the version of OptiFine that you simply just installed from the list, then select Play. you’ll be shown a warning from the sport that this is often a third-party version which they can not guarantee it’s all the security features Minecraft currently has installed. Again, OptiFine is safe, so playing it during this version won’t do any harm to your computer.

From that time, you’ve got OptiFine, and you’ll use it to put in different texture packs and shadermake form your game look amazing! you will probably also experience a better frame rate and better performance once you increase the video settings.

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