How To Identify A Good Quality Guest Post? In 2022

Identify A Good Quality Guest Post

Guest posting or guest blogging is the act of creating content for other writers and bloggers. Many publishing websites are looking for guest authors to write content for their websites. Guest posting is a great and immediate way to increase traffic, promote the brand, and rank higher in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) listings. Guest posting can help a business grow online by spending a little money and no personal effort.

The guest posting culture has helped many struggling writers find a good way to get their content published and earn a decent amount of money. Whatever increasing competition in this field, a committed author aims at writing a good quality guest post. A good-quality content not only helps a business to grow but the writer benefits a great deal. In such a competitive environment it has become difficult to find the best guest posting services. Here are the tips to find good quality guest posts for your business.

1.     Content Is Well Researched

With so many guest writers available online, you need to make sure the company or the person you are hiring is not spam. Spammy content can do more harm to your business than any good. The content will have no real information. The information given is either outdated or not factual. Providing wrong information to the readers can harm your business in the longer run.

A good quality guest post is well-researched content. The writer knows what he is writing about. He keeps the whole content revolving around the topic under discussion. The facts mentioned are updated and correct. Relevant content will help your site grow organic traffic.

2.     Content Aligns With Your Niche

You must find a writer who aligns with your niche. He belongs to your market and has a strong background. The content that a guest author creates for you should be aligned with your interests. You do not want a personal promoter to write for your blog or website. For someone whose writing tactics are not on par with your core values, the post will do no benefit for your website.

A good-quality guest post is written for the target audience. A guest post should not be self-promotional. Guest posting aims to be editorial, not advertorial. Find a guest post that goes with the values of your website or a blog.

3.     Writer Has Considerable Repute

When hiring someone online, you do not know the company or the author personally. The only way to make a judgment is by going through the comments and reviews from people who have already taken their services. More satisfied reviews mean the author must have a good repute in the market.

Beware of fake websites. Search through the clients with which that company or person has already worked. You should find some known names in the list, with satisfied reviews. While outsourcing online should be instinctive, you should keep in mind this little tip before making a big decision.

4.     Writer Is Familiar With SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential tool to grow your organic audience. The ultimate goal of a guest post is the improve the SEO of your website or a blog. Make sure the writer fully understands the concept of SEO and uses good SEO strategies to attract traffic. A good quality guest post will ensure that the content has:

       I.          High Authority Backlinks

Backlinks or external links are a great way to improve the SEO of your website. Make sure the guest post you are choosing has high authority backlinks. Backlinks are said to be of high authority when their domain range is above 70. The more backlinks an article has, the higher will be its ranking.

     II.          Internal Links

Internal links are another way to enhance search engine result page (SERP) listings. Internal links help the audience to go from one webpage to another, within the same domain. Internal links in an article will help your audience explore and navigate through your website. Consequently increasing your traffic.

    III.          Relevant Content

Relevancy of the content is one of the main aims of guest posting. Relevant content will help your website grow traffic. Search Engines usually divert the traffic to the websites containing the most relevant answers to the user’s query. A good-quality guest post will provide the most relevant information on the topic.

   IV.          Proper Utilization Of Keywords

Internet surfers use keywords like ‘how, when, why, where, what’ to search for their query. A good quality guest post is one that properly utilizes these keywords. The poor utilization of keywords will only decrease the traffic, no matter how useful or informative the post is.

How Guest Posting Can Help A Writer

While guest posting helps the publisher gain a considerable improvement in SEO, guest posting can be equally beneficial for the writer himself. Therefore, a committed author will do his best to write a good quality guest post. Finding such committed writers for your blog can be very beneficial for your business.

Here are some benefits that a guest author gets by writing for your blog or website.

  • Ghostwriters can build a portfolio for better writing jobs.
  • Guest posting helps writers broaden their horizons by writing on topics out of their comfort zone.
  • By including your website as a reference, guest authors have a better chance to get a mainstream writing job.
  • Guest posting helps struggling writers polish their skills.
  • Guest posting can be a great opportunity for students to earn some pocket money.

Bottom Line

Guest posting is a quick way to promote your brand. There are plenty of committed writers in the market who want to succeed. Guest posting is a great way for them to make their name. Such committed writers will try to write a good-quality guest post every time they get a chance. You should look for such committed writers to improve your website’s SEO ranking and promote your brand more effectively.

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