How To Hack WPA2 WiFi Password Easily In 2022

Hack WPA2 WiFi Password/ Crack WPA2 hack WiFi Password

How to Hack WIFI passwords without an application, you can practice getting internet access. Because in the digital era like today, the internet has become one of the basic needs of society. In this case, to get a free and fast internet connection, one way is to connect to a WiFi network.

However, on average, the Wifi name must use a password to access it, the network owner deliberately gives a password to their wifi so that not everyone can enter their internet network.

High-speed internet access with WiFi is usually also expensive, so not everyone can have this access. Even though qualified internet access can make all our activities easier.

Such as accessing social media, watching YouTube, browsing the internet to watching interesting movies. But unfortunately, stable and fast internet access is also not cheap, so only a handful of people can have WiFi at home.

However, there is also WiFi in public areas which is provided with security so that it cannot be accessed by everyone. Even though it’s pretty good if you can get free WiFi access. But what if we don’t know the password or the password from the WiFi around us?

So we can not use it to access the internet. But you don’t need to worry because currently there are many ways to break wifi passwords without an application.

The methods below can be used without the help of an application that must be installed, so you don’t need to install a troublesome application.

Curious right, want to know how? Just take a look at the method below, it’s quite easy to apply!

How to Break Indihome Wifi Password Through IP Address Configuration

The first is to break into the WiFi password without using an application to use the IP Address configuration. This method is also very easy for you to use in breaking into network passwords using a modem router.

For example, Indihome and the network, do have internet access at a fairly high speed.

First of all, you need to turn on Wi-Fi on your phone or laptop, when Wi-Fi is active you can immediately see which hotspots (access points) are active around you. The easiest way to find and everywhere is, so that’s the address that is often hacked by hackers and many people.

If you choose, then you must first connect to this address. Usually, once the connection is established, a pop-up window will appear asking you to enter your username and password. And the Modify Network Configuration mode page will appear at the same time.

Here you can start operating the IP address by changing the IP address. Usually written with, you can change it to HTTP//: at the top of the address column (address).

If you exit the login page, you don’t have to worry because that’s what you expect. Then all you have to do is enter your username or username and password or password.

You do this by entering the word ADMIN or USER as the user name and password. If the username is ADMIN then the password is also ADMIN and vice versa. If you use the username USER, the password is also USER.

Then type in the settings section and search for WiFi to be able to see the username and password. There the username and password are used to enter Which then connects to the device, and you just have to use it.

Hack Wifi Password with CMD (Command Prompt) (hacking wpa2 wifi)

If you want to connect via Wi-Fi when using a desktop or laptop computer, you can use this method. Namely by using the CMD Command Prompt.

The trick is to turn on Wi-Fi first to find the nearest hotspot.

Then press Windows key + R to run only the CMD (Command Request) page. Then type the word CMD in upper and lower case and press OK, and a typical black background CMD page will appear.

To type the command directly, type netsh WLAN show profile and hit enter. The names will then appear on the Wi-Fi network the laptop is connected to. Then enter netsh WLAN display profile name (network name) key=clear.


You just need to look for a connection with the same name and enter the known password after saving it earlier. Now, this is where the network information and passwords finally appear.

You can find the password under ‘Key Content’. Next, you have to search for a connection with the same name and also enter a previously known password.

How to Hack Wifi Passwords Without Applications with Network and Internet Menu Access

If you are using a desktop or laptop, then this menu can be found in the Control Panel. To find the Control Panel menu. Look for the Start menu, or right-click the wireless symbol in the form of a signal.

It’s usually located in the lower right corner of the screen near the battery status, to open the Open Network and Sharing Center menus.

When you open it from the control panel, look for the “Network and Internet” menu. Then please open the “Network and Sharing Center” on the laptop to find out which networks are connected.

In a new window, you will see the Manage Wireless Networks menu, where you will find the password for the Wi-Fi connection to your laptop. All you have to do is click on the name of the network whose password you want to see.

After clicking, a new tab will appear with the status of the Wi-Fi connection you are using. Click the Wireless tab and select the Security tab on the right. Inside, you will see Wi-Fi information such as security type, encryption type, and network security key.

The Network Security Key is still an unreadable dotted line. And to show the real characters, you just need to check the “show characters” and show the Wi-Fi password you are using.

The final word

There are many ways to break into WiFi either by using an application or without using an application. But in this method, we only focus on how to break into WiFi without having to use an application.

This method is considered easier because it does not require the use of applications so you do not need to install any applications.

Just practice the method above and try to access WiFi for free without having to know the password or password. Remember, use the method above wisely, so that my friend can get fast and free internet access too.

That’s how to Hack WIFI passwords without an application that you can try so you can get free and fast internet access.

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