How To Get More Instagram Followers- Best In 2021

How To Get More Instagram Followers?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks in the world, just like Facebook and Twitter. If you’re a businessman or an individual who wants to grow your Instagram standing, then you must attract more followers to IG.

Growing an Instagram followership can be a difficult task; you can’t just post pictures from time to time and call it a day. But you put more effort into growing your Instagram followers count.

But what’s even worse is when your hard work doesn’t get enough response – people don’t like or comment on your posts or pictures, which might be frustrating you. That is why growing your IG followers takes a lot of time and energy too.


It goes without saying that before actually growing your Instagram account, you ought to determine your goals, build a marketing plan, and research your competitors to understand if you would like Instagram as a marketing platform at all.

If you have done all of the above things, you can now move forward to growing your followers.

In this article, we will discuss  how to get more Instagram followers using Combin Growth

What Is Combin Growth?

Combin Instagram Growth is a smart Instagram marketing tool to assist your brand get a real audience and increase your account’s engagement.

Combin Growth allows you to seem for your audience and competitors with different search techniques like hashtags and site filtering.


It helps you interact with the audience, tracks your account performance, manages your followings, and more. you’ll even take action on them in bulk. Combin Growth process the subsequent, liking, and commenting in line together with your Instagram activity limits. Combin is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.

Unique And Attractive Features of Combin Growth

Combin Growth allows you to:

Combin Growth analyzes your daily, weekly, and monthly Instagram account statistics. Within the app, you’ll track the number of likes and comments you get during a window of time; see what percentage of people followed and unfollowed you.


Advanced Instagram Search

Potential audience search begins through the Search tab. Post search can include single or multiple hashtags and locations. There are some additional filters for likes/comments number, publication date, and more.

Analyze other users’ accounts


With the help of Combin Growth, you’ll identify and obtain obviate irrelevant and low-quality accounts like stores, celebrities, or spam accounts. Thus you’ll slot in the Instagram daily actions limits and can fruitfully engage with interested users.

Manage Audience And Export

Combin Growth automatically detects those who don’t follow you back and the app unfollows them in batches automatically.

It consists of the content of user lists, history of searches, and action tasks. Open either the Users or Search tab and choose the one you’d wish to export. Right-click the group or search, then choose Export All. you’ll export the info in CSV, Microsoft Excel, or TXT.

Automatically engage with accounts

Comment, like, follow, or unfollow users in bulk. Create different comment templates to use later.

Manage multiple Instagram accounts


Manage multiple accounts from one PC with the in-app proxy setup to form sure the safety of your accounts.

The main purpose is to seek out profiles of a potentially interested audience. you’ll search by followers, followings, commenters, likers, or bio. With Combin, you’ll map the age, gender, and interests of the targeted audience.

Target Specific Audience

Combin allows you to define the audience using various filters. It includes gender, location, language, last activity, and followers/following filters. to focus on a selected audience, navigate to the Search tab, then enable Advanced Filters and Analysis.

The gender filter uses in-depth text analysis and other techniques to work out the gender. It offers 30 language options within the filter and allows you to set a selected range of following and followers numbers.

Remove Irrelevant Users With Machine Learning

Combin’s algorithm analyzes attributes like followers and following count ratio, amount of posts, publishing frequency, and different contexts for thorough user analysis.


Enable Advanced Filters and Analysis to filter irrelevant and spammy accounts. They’re marked with an exclamation point icon.

Log in alongside your credentials to feature your general account. Then, include other accounts through proxies. Navigate to Preference, click the Proxy, then add your proxy. Here’s a guide the thanks to using a proxy from Combin.

Repetitive Actions Automation

Combin allows you to interact with the audience through single or multiple actions at a time. Select one or a couple from the follower’s list, then apply following, liking, commenting, and unfollowing action to the chosen users by clicking the corresponding icons.


You can even create comment templates for various topics and leave them in batch. Combin will then safely take all of your actions consistent with the daily activity limits. you’ll track the actions in your Tasks tab.

Growth and Performance Statistics

The Stats tab gives you information on the precise number of sent and received follows, likes, and comments over different periods. Combin only counts actions that are processed within the app itself. The app doesn’t track data from official or another third-party app.

Organically Boost Your Following with Combin Growth

Combin Growth may be a stimulating tool for savvy users and makes. It allows you to look at posts and users to define the audience and automate many of the boring, repetitive actions. And it does so within the Instagram activity limits.

Download the free version to undertake out all the most functionalities. If you would like the app, inspect their pricing page for more details.

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