How to Fix Instagram Failed to Send Message Issue? Best Ways In 2023

Instagram Failed to Send Message

Instagram is a social networking site for the exchange of pictures and videos, and its owner is the American company Meta Platforms. The software allows users to submit media that can be edited with filters, organized with hashtags, and categorized by location.

Posts can be seen by the general public or approved followers. Instagram, a platform for many people to communicate with one another, share their latest activities, and use other similar features, has grown to be one of the most well-known social networking apps owned by Facebook. However, it is still a software application and cannot be faultless.

1. You might be blocked for spamming activities

Instagram is pursuing those who engage in spamming operations. If you were making frequent comments on posts that weren’t relevant or if you were sharing some unrelated stuff through your account, then it’s possible that Instagram has prevented you from sending messages. To get unblocked in this situation, you must contact Instagram directly. However, there are very few circumstances in which a prohibited user is unable to send DMs alone.

2. You may be blocked by the receiver

The likelihood is that the person you are attempting to message may have blocked you. Also, if even one user blocks you while you are trying to send a text in a group chat, your attempt will fail and the same error will appear. If this is the case, your only option is to work out your issues with them and ask them to unblock you.

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3. Something about your internet connection

Since the Internet is a must for using Instagram and, by extension, for sending messages on the platform, this is something we are all quite aware of. Sometimes we may forget to turn on the internet or the connection may drop for other reasons, which results in this error. Even though this excuse may seem trivial, mistakes might still be made.

4. Post could have been removed

Users claimed to be experiencing the Instagram failed to send message problem with specific posts. The text messages but not the posts might have been sent. Check to see if the post you are attempting to send hasn’t already been deleted or if you are experiencing the exact same problem. You won’t be able to send the post in this situation, and an error notice that reads Failed to Send might appear.

5. Try force stopping and clearing cache data

force stop

If the app is frozen, force-stopping basically works, and removing the cache data will restore the program’s original functionality. Go to the settings on your phone. then select the menu for additional settings. Select the Application Management sub-menu after that. To find Instagram, scroll down. Following that, the options to force stop and clear data will be presented. Restarting the Instagram app requires clicking on these choices.


These are some of the reasons why Instagram failed to send a message, as well as how to fix them. We hope the solutions we provided helped you resolve this problem. Keep checking our blog for more articles of this kind on how to use our digital solutions to solve your everyday tech difficulties.

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