How to Fix Google Play Store Error Retrieving Information From Server df-dferh-01- Best Ways in 2023

Error Retrieving Information From Server df-dferh-01

The digital distribution platform known as the Google Play Store was created and is run by Google. It acts as the official app store for gadgets using Android OS, such as smartphones, tablets, and Android TV gadgets. The Google Play Store offers a wide selection of apps, games, movies, TV shows, books, and music that users can explore and download.

While some of these products can be obtained without cost, others do. Developers may reach millions of people worldwide by distributing their Android apps and content through the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store offers a variety of services, including Google Play Gaming, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies & TV, and Google Play Books, in addition to apps and digital content.

Finding the exact source of this error on your Android phone is crucial before moving on to alternatives because the correct fix will be determined by the cause. The list of factors that are most likely to cause this error code on your Google Play Store is provided below. Sometimes, there is nothing more to it than a passing problem.

Due to a minor telephone technical issue. when the phone’s Google Play Store is turned off. if the corrupted data is in the Google Play Store’s cache. when the phone has not received an update in a while. if your Google account is having problems. using an outdated Google Play Store version.

Fix Google play store error retrieving information from server df-dferh-01

Android users may find it unpleasant when they see the Google Play Store issue “problem obtaining information from server df-dferh-01.” Thankfully, there are various solutions to this problem. The following are some potential remedies:

  1. Examine your Internet connection: Make certain that your device is online and that the connection is strong. As a solution, switch networks or reset your Wi-Fi router. Clear the cache and data from the Google Play Store: Choose “Clear cache” and “Clear data” from the Settings menu under “Apps,” “Google Play Store,” and “Storage.” Restart your device, then attempt once more to access the Google Play Store.
  2. Deleting and adding your Google account again Remove your Google account by going to Settings > Accounts > Google. Then tap “Add account” to add it once more. Try to access the Google Play Store after signing in with your Google credentials. Verify your clock and date settings. Make sure the time and date on your smartphone are accurate by going to Settings > Date & Time. Turn off “Automatic date and time” and set them manually if they are off.
  3. Google Play Store app update: Check if there is an update for the Google Play Store app by going to Google Play Store > My apps & games. Update it if there is, and then try again to access the Google Play Store.
  4. Factory reset: You can attempt to do a factory reset on your smartphone if all else fails. Make sure to back up all of your crucial data before doing so.
  5. Restarting the phone usually fixes the issue. Your device and all the apps have a fresh start after doing this. Thus, you can try this method as well to resolve the DF-DFERH-01 Google Play Store server problem on your Android device. Turn off your phone first, then wait 10 to 20 seconds before turning it back on. Open the Play Store right now to see if the error has been fixed. If it’s still there, try a different approach.
  6. The significance of keeping the Android upgrade was also covered in one of my earlier writings. Using an outdated Android version could prevent you from using new features and patches while also putting you at risk of malfunctions and other problems. The outdated Android OS version may also cause this Google Play Store error to appear. You should verify that your Android OS is running the most recent version if this error persists. To get rid of this issue on your phone, update your Android immediately if it is outdated.


This gets me to the article’s conclusion. You might be annoyed by the Google Play Store issue, but if you don’t repair it right away, it will only get worse. The Google Play Store will not allow you to download or update the program if it receives the error DF-DFERH-01. But with the help of the aforementioned techniques, you may quickly correct this error.

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