How To Factory Reset An iPhone- Best Wasy In 2022

Factory Reset An iPhone

Are you an iOS user and are confused about how to factory reset an iPhone for an iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8 to 12 pro? Relax, read this article to the end because it will explain in detail and in full. So, look carefully, yes!

Nowadays, all cellphones and smartphones are increasingly sophisticated, even every company is competing to issue new products with very thin thickness and dimensions and also reduce the buttons on the cellphones that will be launched. But sometimes now many cellphones often experience lagging or ordinary users call it hangs, and sometimes cellphones also get hot quickly. Because consumer needs on mobile phones are now increasing.

No exception mobile phones with solid specifications must have experienced hangs or lagging. This can be caused because the application that is opened is too heavy or it can also be because the RAM of the cellphone itself is not too large. One of the cellphones that are considered to have good specifications is the iPhone.

iPhone is one of the best cellphone brands in the world. Despite being one of the best, this smartphone created by Apple still has advantages and disadvantages. What are the advantages of the iPhone? Then what are the disadvantages of the iPhone compared to Android phones?

According to data released by Statcounter GlobalStats, the iPhone is ranked 1st as the smartphone with the most market share in 2021. However, in India, the iPhone can only be ranked 5th, losing to well-known Android cellphone brands, such as Oppo, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Vivo.

One of the advantages of the iPhone is that it has always been the mecca of world smartphone technology. For example, screen bangs and smartphone camera designs are often imitated by Android phone manufacturers. But unfortunately, the iPhone is often difficult to move on because recently the technology released is quite behind Android.

iPhone Advantages

  • The build quality is good

The main advantage of the iPhone is that it has high quality. Each product is made to high-quality standards so that product defects are rarely found. In addition, the appearance of the product looks premium and iconic so that it is easily recognized by many people.

  • Smooth and Fast Performance

The Apple Bionic chipset used by the iPhone has very fast performance. Its performance is not inferior to the fastest chipset used by Android. For example, the Apple A15 Bionic chipset on the iPhone 13 Pro Max has performance equivalent to the Snapdragon 888 on the fastest Android gaming cellphone, Red Magic 6.

  • iOS Always Up to Date

Continuous operating system support for years is an iPhone advantage. Through this iOS operating system update, old users can still enjoy new features and better security. Apple does routinely roll out updates not only to the latest iPhone types but also to older iPhone series.

  • Safer

The number of applications provided by the iOS App Store is less than the Android Play Store. The reason is that Apple is more selective in choosing applications that can be downloaded and installed on its products. The advantage of the iPhone is quite striking from its security.

  • Better Camera Results

One of the advantages of the iPhone is the camera. The quality of photos and videos is always a concern every time the latest iPhone series is released. Cameras have always been noticed by Apple. Not only sophisticated hardware but the iPhone camera is also supported by innovative additional features.

Disadvantages of iPhone

  • The price is expensive

iPhone does have a special segment, namely the upper-middle class. The iPhone cellphone is also classified as a flagship-class, so the performance and quality are comparable to a premium class Android cellphone. With the same specifications, you can buy an Android phone at a price 2 or 3 times cheaper.

  • iOS Appearance Can’t Be Customized

The iOS interface cannot be customized so it tends to be monotonous. iPhone users can’t be free to tinker with the UI like Android. For example, you cannot create a blank Home Screen from the application menu icon. In addition, the choice of widgets is also limited and there are not many additional themes that can be installed.

  • Small Battery Capacity

The downside of the iPhone that hasn’t changed much is its battery capacity. For example, the latest type of iPhone, the iPhone 13 Pro, has a battery capacity of 3095 mAh, much smaller than the average 5000 mAh battery for Android phones. The capacity has not increased much.

  • Less Innovative Design and Specifications

Since the iPhone 11, iPhone design and specifications have tended to stagnate. It can be seen from the specifications of the iPhone 13, or the latest 2 series above the iPhone 11. The striking difference from the iPhone 13 compared to 11 is only in the chipset and bangs size. Meanwhile the camera resolution, battery capacity, screen area, and resolution are not much different.

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How to Factory Reset iPhone

Now, after knowing the explanation above, there are also advantages and disadvantages of an iPhone brand cellphone and you want to reset it, then see the article below on how to factory reset an iPhone.

Without Using a Computer

You can factory reset your iPhone without going through a computer. The method is as follows:

  • Open the Home screen, and proceed to the settings
  • Scroll down to the General section
  • Tap Reset
  • Select the Erase All Content And Settings section. tap,
  • You will get five other reset options that serve different purposes.
  • Reset All Settings
  • This reset will erase all data from the settings you have made. If you just want your iPhone to work but don’t want to do a factory reset, then this option can be selected.
  • Reset Network Settings
    This feature will delete network settings, namely WiFi, VPN, Bluetooth, and cellular. You can choose this if you want to solve problems that originate in the network connection.
  • Reset Keyboard Dictionary
    This reset option will delete all suggestions for writing text or better known as automatic text correction.
  • Reset Home Screen Layout
    This option will make all the applications on the iPhone main screen return to their initial state.
  • Reset Location and Privacy
    This reset option will make your iPhone back to factory default settings
  • Finish by tapping Erase Now
  • Continue with entering the passcode to reset your iPhone.

Using the Finder App

The second way to factory reset an iPhone is to use the help of the Finder application. Follow these steps if you don’t forget your mobile phone password.

  • Connect iPhone to Mac
  • Open the Finder app.
  • On the left side, click your iPhone. If it’s not visible, select Finder in the menu bar, then preferences. Tap the Sidebar bar and check the box next to CDs. DVDs, and iOS Devices.
  • At the bottom of the General tab, select Restore iPhone. This option will make the settings on the iPhone back to factory settings.
  • Turn off Find My iPhone. The Finder app will ask you to turn it off. The method:
  • On iPhone, go to settings select Apple ID
  • Continue by tapping Find My iPhone
  • Turn it off and enter your Apple ID password to confirm.
  • Re-start your iPhone to re-sync to the new settings.

iCloud Website

You can reset your iPhone without requiring a password via the iCloud website. Enable the Find iPhone function in iCloud settings on the mobile phone.

Make sure the device is connected to an internet network connection so that the website users can find its location.

  • Access the iCloud website.
  • Log in to the site using the iCloud username and password
  • Verify your identity using a two-factor authentication code to a registered device or email address.
  • Then click Find iPhone. This function can only work properly if Find My iPhone on a mobile phone is activated.

The way to activate it is to open Settings, continue with Apple ID then select iCloud, end by clicking Find My iPhone

  • If prompted, enter the iCloud password
  • In the All Devices dropdown, tap iPhone. This function lists the Apple devices connected to iCloud.
  • Choose Erase iPhone

By resetting your iPhone, you will lose all data in the form of pictures, phone numbers, and so on.

So, that’s information about how to factory reset an iPhone in the three ways above. I hope this article was useful and thank you for reading it. See you!

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