How To Engage With Loyal Customers Of Your E-Commerce Brand- Best In 2021

How To Engage With Loyal Customers

Customers are more likely to spend more on their favorite brands. Knowing this, a lot of brands set out to create customer loyalty programs or incorporate certain strategies to increase customer loyalty. 

For a competitive industry like e-commerce, engaging with loyal customers is vital. So here are a few different ways you can achieve that – 

Offer custom merch to repeat customers

You can make your regular customers feel valued by offering them custom shirts designs with their names on them. With print-on-demand services available, you do not need to have a background in design to create merch. For instance, one of the leading print-on-demand services, Printify explains how to make your own shirt, customize it and add your branding. 

You can offer customers shirts with their names on them. By throwing in free merch, you delight customers, and they are very likely to shop from your store again and tell their friends and family about the experience. 

Add a free gift to the order

When an order hits a certain value, you can automatically add some gifts. You can add a sample version of your product so that the gift is not going to cause a financial setback. Just like with free merch, customers are bound to tell other people about the wonderful experience they have had with you. 

Invite them to an exclusive sale

How to Engage With Loyal Customers of Your E-Commerce Brand

You can capitalize on loyal customers by inviting them to an exclusive sale that only they get access to. You can also set up a sale where they get first dibs and then open it up to the regular folk. The exclusivity can do wonders for customer engagement and create the fear of missing out among people that don’t shop as frequently. 

Onboard them onto your loyalty platform

You can leverage a loyalty platform that allows customers to win points. These points can unlock various things – discount, exclusive access, meet and greet, tickets to an event, or a free gift. Most loyalty platforms require the customer to download an app which can be challenging in itself. 

You can either use the purchase history on your website to award points and automatically apply them during the next purchase. Alternatively, you can also partner with card issuers and set up a payment-linked loyalty system. Essentially, customers receive instant cashback for shopping on your website using specific cards. 

Create a referral program

Give your most loyal customers the opportunity to earn while they shop. Every successful referral can win them either a discount, loyalty points, or free product(s). Referral programs are easy to create through the help of no-code platforms, and you can eventually extend it to every customer, not just the loyal ones. 

Ask to talk to them

Shoppers that keep coming back to your site are going to be your biggest assets when it comes to audience research and building your brand’s narrative. Ask to speak to them in exchange for a gift card or a discount and get their two cents on your brand. 

Make sure you ask clarifying questions to ensure that you get an accurate picture of how they view your brand, what it stands for and who they think you’re trying to target. You can also ask for general feedback and pass on the feedback to your product and engineering team. 

Turn them into influencers

Some brands have found success by allowing customers to curate products from their store and recommending them to their friends and family. Essentially, every loyal customer can turn into an influencer and market your products for you. 

These mini-stores are hosted on the brand’s domain, and since consumers stand to earn a fair bit of money from this exercise, they are more likely to get more people on board and explain what your brand is all about. Since the incentive is passive income, you deepen the existing engagement with your loyal customers. 

Offer priority support

How to Engage With Loyal Customers of Your E-Commerce Brand

Any issues your loyal customers face should be prioritized. Treat them like a VIP and address their queries quickly. Good and fast customer service is always a good thing but especially for improving customer engagement. 

When customers feel heard and valued, they are more likely to continue shopping from your store and tell people about their experiences. 

Leverage user-generated content

Your most loyal customers are likely already talking about you online. Ask users to tag you whenever they post a picture of your product and use certain relevant hashtags. You can then pick the best ones and repost them on your social media accounts or even publish user ideas or articles on your blog.

When Go Pro was launched, sharing user-generated content was how they were able to differentiate themselves from other brands.

The takeaway

One aspect of engaging with loyal customers is to have these fundamentals in place. The other side of the coin is to grow the number of loyal customers. Introducing a VIP program where customers get a bunch of benefits like better discounts, freebies, early product announcements, priority support, and more can be one of the ways to increase customer loyalty. 

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