How To Enable Hibernate In Windows 10 Laptop PC- Best Ways In 2021

Enable Hibernate In Windows 10 Laptop PC

Hibernate mode is a very useful option, It allows you to put your PC into a very low power state even lower than Sleep mode. Hibernate mode doesn’t close your apps, it stays open and whenever you start your PC again it will the same as you left. If you know, you are not going to use your PC for an extended time then putting your PC into hibernation would be a great option.

However, in Windows 10 the hibernate option is not there where it used to be in the previous versions of Windows. Here’s the way to enable it.

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Where Does the Hibernate Option Use to Be?

To find the Hibernate mode in the previous versions of Windows, Open the Start Menu and select the Power Button, there you’ll be able to find the Hibernate Mode but in Windows 10 the option is not there. 

The Second method to locate the Hibernate Option is, You can right right-click on the start button or press Windows key + X on the keyboard and the Power User Menu will pop up then go to the Shutdown and sign out option. ven there, You will not find any Hibernate option in Windows 10.

So first, we have to enable the Hibernate option then we would be able to use it.

Enable Hibernate Option in Windows 10

To enable the Hibernate option in Windows 10, Go to Settings > System > Power & sleep. Then you’ll be able to “Additional power settings” option on the right-hand side, click on that option.

This will open Window’s Power Option in the classic control panel. Click on the “Choose what the power buttons do” option on the left column.

Next, You’ll see some various Power and sleep button settings and Shutdown settings. Under the “Shutdown settings” You would be able to see some additional options like Turn on fast startup, Sleep, Hibernate and, Lock. But those options and unclickable, so first we have to make those options clickable. To make those options clickable, just click on the “Change settings that are currently unavailable” option right above “Power and sleep button settings”.

After clicking the option, those options should become clickable. Check the Hibernate box (or other shutdown settings you want available) and make sure to click the Save changes button.

Putting the PC on Hibernate Mode

Now your Hibernate option is enabled, Next time whenever you open the Start Menu and click the Power button, you will be able to see a Hibernate button in the menu.

You will also be able to see the Hibernate mode button if you right-click on the start button and press Window key + X and go to the Shutdown and sign out option.

The last but not the least option where the hibernate button will be listed, press Alt + F4 on the desktop, and the Shut Down Window will pop up and there also you can see the Hibernate button.

Wrapping up

This is the process of how to enable hibernate mode into the PC then how to locate it and use it.

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