How To Download Optifine Mod In Minecraft- Best In 2021

How To Download Optifine Mod In Minecraft

The Optifine mod might be considered essential for all Minecraft players.

The process of putting in mods in Minecraft might sound complicated, but more often than not, modifications are well worth the effort. the power to reinforce gameplay in Minecraft can bring an excellent overall experience.

With Optifine, players have access to an entire new list of settings to reinforce their in-game experience. Optifine can make Minecraft run faster and smoother, allow the addition of shaders and texture packs, and even enable players to concentrate while in-game.

Let’s take a glance at the way to download and use the Optifine mod.

Download and usage of Optifine in Minecraft

Step #1 – Download

The Optifine mod is often downloaded using this link. it’s important to notice that Optifine can only be used on Minecraft Java Edition. Optifine was first released with Minecraft version 1.7.2 and has been updated alongside the sport over the years.

Click on the version of Optifine that matches the version of Minecraft installed on the device getting used. To download Optifine, click on the ‘mirror’ button first, then click on the ‘download’ button. Once the download is complete add the .jar file to the computer’s desktop.

Step #2 – Install

Once the .jar file is on the desktop, it’s able to open. Some players might get to attend their computer settings and allow it permissions, or they’ll get to download Java separately to open the file.

Click on the file. From there, the installer pop-up window should open and appear something just like the image featured above. Then, simply click ‘install.’

Step #3 – Open Minecraft

Once the Optifine mod has been successfully installed, it’ll appear at the rock bottom left of the launcher. Players also can look within the ‘installations’ tab at the highest of the Minecraft Launcher, and Optifine should be listed there.

Once the Optifine mod has been applied within the Minecraft Launcher, press ‘play’ to urge started.

Step #4 – Customize settings
Customize Minecraft settings

Now that Minecraft is open, the subsequent step is to click on ‘options’ then ‘video settings.’ Players should now see many new elements on the settings page.

Optifine allows players to regulate settings so as to reinforce their Minecraft experience. Some settings can make Minecraft run tons smoother, like changes in animations like turning off particles or fog.

There are numerous great settings to settle on from, and since everyone’s computer runs differently, players can adjust their Optifine settings to permit Minecraft to run optimally on their computers.

Step #5 – Enjoy the perks

Changing animation and video settings can allow FPS speeds to extend significantly, making for a way easier and lag-free Minecraft play-through.

Optifine also allows players to feature shaders, like within the image above. There are a good sort of shaders to settle on from, all of which cater to different styles and aesthetics, so players can select settings that best suit their ideal Minecraft visual experience.

Optifine is updated quite regularly so players can check the website or stay up-to-date on social media to urge the newest version.

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