How To Delete Mi Cloud Account Permanently- 6 Best Ways In 2021

How To Delete Mi Cloud Account Permanently

How to Permanently Delete Mi Cloud Account – Maybe you have a certain reason why you delete your Xiaomi account permanently. MI Account is a support provided by Xiaomi to its device users.

Xiaomi account is a security feature supported by Xiaomi phones. Xiaomi users can also create a Mi account to secure it from third parties and just like the Mi account which offers a data storage option and consumers can also sync their information with the Mi cloud account.

Xiaomi is the most popular Android phone worldwide today. It is thus that Xiaomi always concentrates on the safety and security of its customers.

all devices in Xiaomi or Redmi have an unlocked bootloader but now they implement a bootloader lock with their latest Xiaomi phones due to security issues.

Way Deleting Mi Cloud Account Via Settings

1. Go to your Xiaomi Settings And find MI Account

Xiaomi Settings And MI Account

2. Then it will display your Mi Account data. Select “sign out” then enter the mi account password so that you can actually log out of the account.

MI Account

If you have then you have successfully logged out then continue the tutorial below

Way Deleting Mi Cloud Account permanently

If you want to permanently delete your Mi Cloud account then you can follow the tutorial below.

but it must be remembered that deleting the Mi cloud account will delete all synchronization data using the Mi Cloud

1. First, open the browser, enter this link

2. Then you only need to enter the account you want to delete the contents of your Email/Phone & Password to enter the account

3. After logging in, you will see a notification warning you about deleting the account

4. Next, Mi must confirm your email address and enter your active email address.

5. then Enter the Verification Code that you received in the box & Click “Publish”.

6. then select “Delete Account” to delete your Mi Account Permanently.

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