How To Delete Applications On Mac- Best In 2021

How To Delete Applications On Mac

How to Delete Applications on MAC. Actually deleting applications on a mac is very easy to do by anyone. Here’s how to uninstall applications on your Mac with 3 easy steps below.

If every time you turn on your Mac, you get the dreaded “Start disk almost full” popup or a plethora of update notifications on apps you don’t even use, then it might be time for a cleanup.

Several files can take up space on your Macbook, ultimately causing it to run slowly, but before you drag your beloved photos, music, and movies to the trash you should consider uninstalling those apps, you know you’ll never use them again.

Whether it’s an Adobe trial you decide not to buy or software you downloaded for a work-from-home day last year, these programs can run in the background or automatically update without you even knowing it.

Removing an application (which, in fact, is identical to uninstalling it) will free up most of the space it occupies on your computer. However, keep in mind that some applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe programs can actually store large amounts of files on your Mac even after you delete them.

Dragging apps to the Trash only deletes .app files, but not necessarily data already stored on your Mac (including preferences, logins, and licensed files). This extra work to delete stored data will free up more space on your computer.

Some applications, such as Adobe, offer special uninstallers – either built into the app or downloaded separately from the manufacturer’s website – that will remove any additional associated files. However, for those who don’t, you can manually delete the files from the Library or purchase a third-party program like CleanMyMac to delete them completely for you.

Here are three simple ways to remove App Store programs and other applications that you have downloaded from the internet.

How to Delete Apps on MAC Manually

Uninstalling applications On Mac using Launchpad

1. Click “Launchpad” in your Dock and find the application you want to Remove.

2. Click and hold the cursor on the app until an “X” appears in the corner of the icon.

3. Click “X” to delete the application. The “X” will remain in every app on your mac that can be removed, so scroll and delete the apps you want to remove.

4. When done, click anywhere on the screen that is not occupied by the application icon to exit the deletion mode.

How to Delete Apps On Mac by Dragging them to Trash

1. Find the app you want to remove in “Launchpad.”

2. Hold and drag individually to the trash icon in your Dock.

3. When finished, open the Trash and click “Empty” in the top right corner.

How To Delete Apps On Mac Via the apps folder

1. Under the “Go” menu in Finder, find and open the “Applications” folder.

2. Select all the applications you want to remove, then right-click and select “Move to Trash” from the drop-down menu.

3. Again, remember to empty your trash when finished.

The final word

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