10 Tips On How To Create A White Paper That Converts Readers Into Customers- Best In 2022

Create A White Paper That Converts Readers Into Customers

A white paper is a document that has been written to solve a specific problem, and it can be either produced by an individual or company. White papers are used in marketing to reach potential customers and convert them into paying clients.

The content of these documents can range from how-to guides for software products, research on new technology applications, or even advice on how to use certain equipment.

They’re also often given away as freebies in order to entice people into buying more expensive services and products later on down the line. This article will give you 10 tips about how you can create a white paper that converts readers into customers.

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1) What Is A White Paper, And Why Bring It Up?

The first thing that you need to do when creating a white paper is to introduce the topic. In this case, it will be how companies can use white papers in order to convert readers into customers.

2) Lead The Reader With Solid Content.

A good way to start a white paper is by explaining a common problem that the reader might have. For instance, if you are writing about how companies can use white papers to their advantage, one of your opening paragraphs could be dedicated to explaining why businesses often struggle with marketing materials.

3) Include Stats And Data To Back Up Claims.

When creating a white paper, it’s important for it to present information and statistics that the reader can use to back up whatever it is you’re saying. If you can, try not to make any claims without having numbers and percentages to prove them.

4) Make It Clear That You Understand The Problem.

When trying to convince your reader that you get the struggle they’re going through, then it’s good for them to know that you understand. If you are writing a white paper about how much it sucks to try and come up with marketing materials, for instance, then be sure to include passages that explain why this is something everyone goes through regardless of their background.

5) Give Advice About What The Reader Can Do About It.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to write a white paper that’s all about you and what you’re offering them, but never actually tell the reader what they need to do in order to take advantage of this information.

6) Introduce What The Reader Will Get For Their Trouble.

Every good white paper comes with something in return for reading it, even if it’s just the satisfaction of knowing that they now have access to this information. What you need to do is explain what kind of results readers can expect to receive by continuing on with the white paper.

7) Be As Concise As Possible.

The last thing you want when writing a white paper is for it to be filled with unnecessary information that has nothing to do with the topic. You want to avoid filler words at all costs, and get straight to the point about why this document exists and why you’re sharing it with your reader.

8) Finish With An Introduction Of Your Company’s Offerings.

When writing a white paper, one of the last things you should be introducing is what kind of products and services your company offers. If you’re trying to get the attention of people who could become potential customers, then it’s important that you do so in an expert fashion.

9) Allow The Reader To Learn Even More By Downloading Your White Paper.

So by now, you’ve written up your white paper, but what if you want to make things even more convenient for your readers? One of the best ways to do so is by offering them a link where they can download this document in order to have it on hand whenever they might need it.

10) Be Ready To Convert The Curious Reader Into A Loyal Customer.

Now that people are actually reading your white paper, it’s important to keep in mind that they are probably open to purchasing whatever you’re offering. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to make your case, so be sure to do so by being as clear and straightforward as possible about how beneficial this purchase would be for them.

A bonus tip when making white papers is to use Venngage — an infographic maker that offers free white paper templates for everyone. Here are some of the best white paper examples from their website!

Create A White Paper


Create A White Paper That Converts Readers Into Customers


Create A White Paper That Converts Readers Into Customers1


There are a lot of benefits when it comes to writing a white paper for your business. Offering the reader useful and compelling information is a great way to build rapport and get people within your target audience excited about what you have to offer.

With so many people consuming content online these days, it’s important for businesses to take advantage of this chance to get their name out there. And with a little help from a good white paper, it’s not hard at all for you to get your company in front of the right people and have them begging for more information about what you have to offer. For creative white paper designs, click here!

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