How To Create A Free Business Email- Best In 2021

How To Create A Free Business Email?

Currently, the need for an e-mail with a domain name is one of the things that can be said to be very important whether it is for business, business purposes, increasing customer credibility or trust, applying for jobs, and others. Compared to Gmail or Yahoo, this domain name email can make you look more professional and also increase your credibility. Now to create this domain name email you need to have a domain name and subscribe to an email service or it could be hosting.

If you use a paid mail service or subscribe to a hosting service, of course, you need to pay a fee depending on which package you choose. But apparently, you can create a domain name email using only the domain. How to?

On this occasion, we will provide these tips on how to create an email domain without hosting (Free). See the explanation until the end.

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What is needed?

Check out some of the things below that you need to create a domain email without hosting.

Domain Name

You need to have a domain name first to create a domain email. If you don’t have a domain yet, please buy the domain first. Cheap Domains Godaddy is the best choice for cheap domains in Indonesia. There are various domain extensions available from .com .net .id .tech .org .asia and others.

Zoho Mail account

In this example, we are using a free trial email service from Zoho Mail. We will explain how to list it in the next section.

How to Create a Free Business Email

Please refer to this guide until the end.

Register for a Zoho Mail Account

The first thing you need to do is register your domain name to Zoho mail or create a Zoho account. Please enter

Enter your domain name

Fill in the form along with the name of the email address that you will create. Once the form is filled pressed the Proceed button.

If the information is correct, just press the Sign Up button.

After that, enter the verification number that goes to your telephone number. If you have pressed Verify My Mobile.

ZOHO account created

TXT Record-setting

After success, you will enter the Domain Setup section. Here you select Others in the domain’s DNS Manager (DNS Hosting provider).

Make sure you are in the TXT Method as shown below.

TXT method

If you have, please open a new tab and enter your domain’s DNS Manager. You need to log in to the client area where you purchased the domain.

Login first and then select Domain – Manage DNS and edit the zone for the domain you registered earlier in Zoho Mail.

In the TXT record section, change the RDATA or Value according to the one earlier in Zoho Mail.

If you have pressed the save changes button. After that, return to the Zoho Mail page, then press the Verify by TXT button.

If successful then you are directed to create the email accounts. You only need to follow and just next until you enter the Configure Email Delivery section.

MX Record settings

If you have arrived at the Configure Email Delivery section. Enter Zoho’s MX Record to your MX Record. If previously there were 3 MX Records, delete them first then create 3 new ones.

MX Record settings

Go back to Manage DNS earlier and create an MX record as shown in Zoho Mail. Modify all with MX records from Zoho. Don’t forget to hit the save changes button.

Back in the Zoho Mail tab, press the MX Lookup button to find out if the MX record replacement was successful. If it is successful, a display like this will appear.

MX confirmation

If it is successful, press the next button. Press skip until the end then select Go to Zoho Workplace.

Testing Email

If the settings are successful, it’s time for testing to send a few messages whether it’s working properly. Sign in to Zoho Mail

Then compose a new message and send it to your personal email.

Check your inbox whether to receive incoming messages from the domain email. If you have entered, your business email has been successfully created.


So that’s a guide to creating a free domain or business email. However, we recommend that you use hosting for your domain email or business email. Why?

If using email hosting you have complete control over your own data, more flexible account settings, more storage capacity, can move your own email data, high levels of privacy and most important company data will be much safer with self-hosted email.

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