How To Choose A Developer Company- Best Wasy In 2022

Choose A Developer Company

It is not a secret that the custom development market is significantly transforming. The demand for the development of digital solutions has multiplied in the current times – websites and mobile applications are now needed by those who had never had experience in digital before.

How to make a shortlist of developers

Projects, both websites, and mobile applications are becoming more complex. Clients come for complex integrations, personal accounts, and automation of internal business processes. Such solutions need not only to be created but also to be constantly maintained.

Remember the most important criteria

It is important to choose among companies with a stable position in the market: in addition to ratings, pay attention to the period of existence, the size of the portfolio, and the complexity of implemented projects. Look at the links to the sites that you like, go to the developer’s site, and study the cases in the portfolio – they should meet your inner sense of beauty. Listen to the recommendations, but be sure to check with the advisers the details of cooperation or the specific reasons why a particular company is called to you.

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Is it possible to save money?

It is unlikely that you will be able to pay less for the development. If the budget is limited, it is right to take a ready-made solution and train yourself to use it. You can save only two points:

  • Reuse of standard components to reduce the hours of writing code.
  • Check rates in Europe and choose an experienced team instead of juniors to ensure that the tasks will be completed on time and no improvements will be required.

But you can significantly benefit from the payback period of the project if you use flexible development methodologies in the project. You can start with the minimum working version, make basic functionality, and then rely on user feedback and analytics and take the most relevant tasks into work. It is quite possible that some expensive chip that I wanted to implement will not be needed. And other functions that were not thought of at first will be able to increase the return on the project. Contrary to popular misconception, agile methodologies do not increase the cost of a project. Due to a quick start, even with a small set of features, the product will start making money faster.

How to choose the best performer

When you find several suitable companies in this way, it’s worth taking a closer look at each one – otherwise, there is a risk of wandering around the market from one contractor to another, starting all over again each time.

  • Competencies and experience

Make sure that the developer company has the competencies in the right technologies and it will not study on your project, and you will pay for this training. See if there are similar cases in the developer’s portfolio.

  • Team and process

Ask the studio to tell you how the development will go: ask about the stages of work, the order of interaction and reporting, the specialists involved, and their experience.

  • Technologies

Hold a call with technical specialists from both sides – to discuss the architecture and solutions that will be used in the development.

  • Cooperation and communication

Even if nothing confused you at the previous stages, do not rush into the project with your head. Order the development of analytics to begin with. Check on a relatively small budget (12-15% of the total) and whether you can work with the team. Pay attention to the approach to communications, the form of reporting, and the availability of internal regulations. It is important that both sides are focused on the result, but at the same time, they should have the same expectations from the process itself.

Good development will only get more expensive. And this means that it will be necessary to approach the choice of a contractor more and more carefully. Oddly enough, it will be possible to save money only on an expensive team – experienced specialists will be able to offer more profitable solutions and do the work on time.

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