How To Backup WhatsApp Chat In iPhone- Best Ways In 2022

Backup WhatsApp Messages In iPhone

WhatsApp is the number one chat application that is installed on all devices, including the iPhone. If you are an iPhone user, you should know how to backup WhatsApp iPhone.

In general, a backup of all his conversations should be done so that you can view and read all his messages when switching to a new phone. Not only that but data backup can also be done from Android to iPhone if you are planning to change your device to iOS.

WhatsApp has managed to grab the attention of many people and is even called the fastest conversation application in the world. In addition, its existence is able to survive in the midst of fierce competition between fellow platforms of the same.

WhatsApp provides a backup feature so you can back up all incoming or outgoing messages via iOS devices. You can backup all data and messages with or without the app. The procedure is quick and easy so you can re-save everything and look back at it later.

Backup WhatsApp iPhone

WhatsApp was officially bought by Facebook for $19 billion about four years ago. They had more than 1.5 billion users in February 2018 and growing until now.

Now, WhatsApp has succeeded in ranking first as the most downloaded conversation application on the Google Play Store and App Store. This application provides a variety of interesting features with very fast messaging, so you can communicate flexibly.

For iPhone users, how to backup WhatsApp iPhone is really needs to be known and understood so that you can back up all application data to a safe place. In addition, for anyone who plans to change their gadget from Android to iPhone, it turns out that you can back it up so that all messages can be read again.

You can’t do it carelessly because the procedure must be done properly and correctly, while the method can be done using a third application or not.

How to Backup WhatsApp iPhone Complete and Updated

Perhaps you are looking for information about the most complete way to backup WhatsApp iPhone, please follow and see this review so that it can answer your curiosity. In general, anyone can back up all data and WhatsApp messages on iPhone with an easy method.

You don’t need to spend energy and time to backup all important data, while the procedure can be done using an application or not. You can also save data quota because the method doesn’t consume too many internet packages.

How to Backup iPhone WhatsApp with iCloud

  • Make sure iCloud is enabled on the old iPhone.
  • If automatic backups have been enabled, make sure the backup is done now.
  • Please open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone.
  • Click Settings.
  • Then, select the Chat Settings menu.
  • Click Backups.
  • To move all messages on WhatsApp to iCloud, click Backup Now.
  • Next, pair the SIM card with the same number on the new iPhone.
  • Download the WhatsApp application via the App Store.
  • Register a WhatsApp account with the same mobile number and verify it.
  • If the verification is successful, you will receive the option to recover all WhatsApp data.
  • Follow the instructions given until the data recovery is successful.
  • Finished.

How to Backup iPhone WhatsApp with iTunes

  • Connect old iPhone to PC or notebook.
  • Please open the iTunes application, click File.
  • Click Devices.
  • Select the Backup menu.
  • Wait a few moments until the backup process is successful.
  • Then, connect the new iPhone and follow the prompts that say Restore from iTunes Backup.
  • Finished.

How to Backup iPhone WhatsApp from Android with TunesBro

  • Download the TunesBro app via PC or notebook.
  • Run and open the TunesBro application.
  • Then, connect the android smartphone and iPhone to the PC.
  • The app will show all messages on WhatsApp as well as related images.
  • Please specify the first device from the list of devices on the left.
  • Click Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone, or
  • Select the File menu, click Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone or
  • Right-click on the device where the data is on the left, click Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone.
  • If the chat data is private and sensitive, specify the contact who is the recipient.
  • Next, specify the target device to which the data is transferred.
  • If it has been selected, immediately confirm to start the transfer.
  • Wait a few moments until the data backup process from Android to iPhone is successful.
  • Finished.

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How to Backup iPhone WhatsApp from Android with Dr.Fone

  • Download the Dr.Fone app via PC or notebook.
  • Run it and open the Dr.Fone app.
  • When you have entered the main page, click WhatsApp Transfer.
  • Select the WhatsApp menu.
  • Click Transfer WhatsApp Messages.
  • Then, connect the android phone and iPhone to the PC.
  • If both devices are connected and detected, pay attention to the notification that appears according to the type of phone from the Dr.Fone application.
  • Click Transfers.
  • Wait a few moments until the process of transferring WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone is successful.
  • If the transfer process is successful, the progress will show 100%.
  • To end the process, click OK.
  • Finished.

How to Backup iPhone WhatsApp from Android Without Application

  • Open the WhatsApp application from the android smartphone.
  • Click More Options in the top right corner.
  • Select the Settings menu.
  • Click Chats.
  • Select the Chat Backup menu.
  • Then, specify an email address to back up all WhatsApp data and messages, click Backup.
  • Wait a few moments until the WhatsApp data backup process to email is successful.
  • Next, download the WhatsApp application on your iPhone via the App Store.
  • Please enter the mobile number previously used on the android smartphone into the WhatsApp application on the iPhone.
  • Verify the mobile number and you will be asked to restore the backup or data backup that was saved in the previous email.
  • Wait a few moments until the mobile number verification process and backup restore is successful.
  • All messages contained on the android smartphone will be transferred to the iPhone automatically.
  • Finished.

When is iPhone WhatsApp Backup Done?

WhatsApp users on iPhone can back up all data and chat messages according to their individual needs. The reason is, all WhatsApp data is important and private so you can be sure you will need it every day.

You can back it up at least once a week or once a month. You usually have to have an active email address, the goal is that all backup processes can run effectively and smoothly so that there can be no problems from the start. An email is usually required to confirm that the account is backed up is your WhatsApp.

If you use Android and intend to replace it with an iPhone, please follow one of the procedures for backing up all data and chats on WhatsApp so that they can be transferred to a new cellphone. However, make sure the old phone doesn’t store extraneous data or cache that causes the process to be interrupted.

You can use the application or not according to your needs, while the method can be done quickly and easily. We make sure that each procedure will not give disappointing results, while the data will be stored safely and even read through a new smartphone, both recent and old messages.

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