How To Backup Contacts On Android Phones- Best In 2021

Backup Contacts On Android Phones

How to backup contacts on an Android phone – As a smartphone user, it seems very important to back up contacts on the Android phone that we have.

Because this will be very helpful if there are things that are not desired with our smartphones, such as missing or suddenly dying. In addition, having a backup of contacts will make it easier for us when changing cellphones to new androids.

As information, in the early 2000s, cellphones did not have a large memory so users could not store many contact numbers as they are now.

But that’s not much, because most of those who felt they used cellphones before the millennium had to write down the phone number on the paper or memorize it in their heads.

Fortunately, since the development of technology and the advent of Android, now we can back up contacts on our cellphones and back them up to many options such as Google Accounts, SIM Cards, Memory Cards, and with the help of third-party applications.

Imagine if we have to write down or memorize cellphone numbers, like people in the 90s, of course, it is very tiring, right?

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How to Backup Contacts on Android Phones

Android-based phone makers such as Samsung and Xiaomi offer their users native cloud solutions for backing up their data.

However, I don’t recommend that you use this option as it only works between their devices. So when your cellphone is lost and you change brands, you won’t be able to access the backup data.

The method of backing up contacts which I mention below is quite useful and works in all android brands. So just go ahead, please see how to backup contacts on an Android phone that you can try below.

1. How to Back Up Contacts on Android With a Google Account

By default, Google offers a feature to sync contacts to Gmail associated with the user’s android which can later be accessed via the Gmail Web Calendar, and Google’s main service.

This feature will usually activate by itself after a user logs in using Gmail on their cellphone. But for those who have disabled the Sync feature, you have to activate it first so you can back up contacts on Android.

For the steps please see below.

  1. Enter Settings
  2. Then select About Phone
  3. Then click Google Account
  4. Press tab Account Synchronization
  5. Keep sliding the Activate Contacts tab switch towards the right.

Note: You will see a different display on the cellphone, but what needs to be underlined is to enter via the Synchronization menu.

To make sure you have successfully backed up your contacts, please open the Google Drive application.

If you don’t have the application you can open it from the browser, then type

Then click the three dots icon => continue to select Backup => then tap Device Backup => click App data. Now you will find the contacts that have been backed up here.

2. How to Back Up Contacts on Android With Super Backup Application

Super Backup has the best backup tool for android. To be able to enjoy this app, the first thing you have to do is download it on the Play Store.

This application allows its users to back up application data, SMS data, Contacts, Call logs, Calendar, and others. In addition, Super Backup also offers a regular backup scheduling feature.

All data that has been backed up in this application can later be uploaded to Google Drive manually or automatically which you can adjust according to your own wishes.

In Super Backup there is also a Sharing feature that users can use to send it to others via the default share menu.

Download Super Backup (Google Play Store) here is the link

3. How to Backup Contacts on Android Phones Using the Contacts Application

This third method we can do without internet or offline. Later the contacts that have been backed up will be on the SIM Card (SIM Card) or Memory Card (SD Card) depending on which option you choose.

Please follow the steps below:

Backup Contacts to SIM Card

  1. Open the Contacts application on your cellphone
  2. Then click the menu button or the three dots at the top right of the screen (depending on hp)
  3. Then select the option Import / Export Contacts. If there is no, enter Settings first
  4. After that press Export to SIM card
  5. Then the Export SIM card dialogue box will appear, Click OK to finish the backup process

Backup Contacts to SD Card

Repeat Steps 1 to 3 above, then click Export to SD Card Memory Card, Finally press OK on the dialogue box that appears to complete the contact backup process.

The way to backup contacts on an Android cellphone above will make it easier for you when transferring contacts from old cellphones to new cellphones.

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