How To Add Music To A Marketing Video- Best Ways In 2022

Add Music To A Marketing Video

There is a common misconception that it is difficult or nearly impossible to incorporate music into a marketing video. The artful addition of music to marketing content is challenging–but it’s not impossible. As is commonly said, if there is a will, there is a way. Here’s the inside scoop on weaving music into your marketing video material.

Embrace Technology for Immersive Marketing Videos

The process of video production is made that much easier with the right software. As an example, tools such as Animoto empower companies and marketers to incorporate complementary audio into video content, be it in the form of m4a audio, mp3s, etc.

The music infusion process begins with the use of a template library usually found within the software or a platform, like the aforementioned Animoto. You can implement video clips along with pictures into the program or even tap into the photos/videos within the library. Choosing appropriate music that strikes the right mood or tone will make your video marketing content all the more impactful. You can also upload your tunes into the program to make marketing material even more personalized.

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The Right Music Goes a Long Way

The most important factor in your marketing video content’s appeal is its lasting impression (or lack thereof). You can make a meaningful impression that has the potential to prove indelible if you choose the right soundtrack for your message. Pick out a legitimate earworm and your audience will be inclined to search the web for your company and your commercial to track down the artist or song used in the ad.

Selecting the ideal song clips for your video content isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. Even if you have great taste in music, your taste might not be the same as that of your target audience. Consider your target persona’s demographic information, preferences, and the tone of the video marketing, and, content. Even your company’s branding components should be considered when sorting through music selections.

Bring out the Best in the Music

A bare-bones music track won’t bring oubare-bones in video marketing, simply because most songs are three minutes or longer whereas most commercials ards or less. Align the music properly with your video marketing content and the two will reinforce one another.

Modify the music with filters and editing tools that alter the tempo, pitch, volume, bass, treble, length, etc. Do not settle on an edited track until you are certain the final product is exactly what your audience is likely to appreciate. When in doubt, run the final video/music content by members of your target audience to get a sense of whether they appreciate the song selection, mood, tempo, volume, and other components.

Mind the Subtleties of the Video Content Music

Overlaying a catchy song atop your video marketing content isn’t enough in and of itself. The challenge of adding music to marketing material is sweating the small stuff in a sometimes grueling process that culminates in an end product that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Take some time to sort through song selections based on genre, mood, tempo, etc. In particular, mind the volume level. If the music volume is too low or too high, it won’t make the intended impact. Tinker with the volume slider to adjust the music until you are positive it has mass appeal. Don’t hesitate to edit the song to create a seamless transition from video content to the music and eventually, the outro/end of the ad. Continue to trim the video footage and audio until you achieve the perfect syncing.

Be Careful of Legal Pitfalls

Though you are certainly free to upload your music created on your own to the web, streaming video marketing services, and other platforms, using the music of another party is illegal unless you obtain the proper permission. It is a mistake to think you can use a copyrighted song in your video marketing content and assume you won’t be served with a lawsuit or a cease-and-desist order.

Perform your due diligence when researching potential songs for your video marketing content, ensure you have legal permission to use the music in your videos, and be sure to give credit to the ar, tist in question. Even a brief reference to the artist’s name, album title, song title, or social media in your company’s ma,  ma, ma, marketing material, or website will be appreciated.

Use the Right Format

Finally, let’s shift our attention to the technical component of the music itself. Sweating the small stuff of your content marketing’s music entails using the music of the highest quality. However, if you are like most business owners and managers, you don’t spend much time dealing with the technical components of audio.

Mp3s, .wav files, and 320kbit/s are the ideal formats for uploading personalized content to video marketing content. When in doubt, tap into the skills of the video marketing experts in your life so you can put the focus back on what you do best for your teams.

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