How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Web App? Best In 2022

Cost To Develop A Web App

Today when 5 billion of the total population of the world is present on the internet, it is a vital part of a company’s growth that they have a digital footprint. Whether it’s a service company or a product-based company. All of them need to have a website or a web application for better reach and growth.

But when we talk about a web application, there are a ton of questions that need explanations and a ton of things that need to be taken care of.

When talking about web apps, the most common question that people ask is that where should I get my web app created? Well, you can hire an individual freelancer or even better, a web application development firm to handle all of your worries.

There might be some other questions that arise like What are the types of web applications? Or How much does it cost to develop a web app? Or What factors affect the price of the web app?

Don’t get confused by these questions! You will get all of the answers in this blog and some tips to save some money! So stick to the end.

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Types of Web Applications

Before we head towards the prices and other stuff, let’s start with the most basic thing. The costs of your web app highly depend on the type of web application you are going to choose. So you should have basic knowledge about the types of web applications. Mainly there are three types of web applications. These are; the Multi-Page applications MPAs, the Single Page Application SPAs, and Progressive Web Applications PWAs.

So let’s discuss them one by one briefly.

1. Multi-Page Web Applications

Multi-Page Web Application structure includes multiple pages for the web application. The best use case of this type of web app is for E-Commerce and Enterprise businesses.

This structure allows you to do SEO on every page of the web app and thus increasing the chance of better ranking and reach.
If you are looking for a web app for an e-commerce business then this structure is the best option for you.

2. Single-Page Web Applications

The next type is the Single-Page Web Application. It is not widely used as the MPAs, but it has an excellent use case. Single-Page Web Applications are best for communication industries like emails.

The advantage of this type is that you have to take care of a single page which is easier than an MPA.

3. Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications are best for e-commerce, Social Media, IT, and healthcare industries. This type is widely used and it is very useful.

The advantage of PWAs is that it updates themselves without any user assistance. It is accessible through browsers and also highly compatible.

4. Other Types

Other than the above-mentioned types, these are some of the types of web apps that are used today:

Content Management System

This type of web application is best for the blogging and marketing industries. You can have group functionalities and options to arrange and adjust content on the web all.

Static Web Apps

The Static Web Applications have the best use case for book publishing businesses. It is easy to use and very compatible. You don’t need a third-party program to get access to the web app.

Dynamic Web Apps

Dynamic Web Applications are also highly used today. They are best for Social media, Healthcare, Retail businesses, e-commerce, and the IT industry.

This structure allows you to manage the website easily. Many people run their businesses on this structure.

Why Is It Better to Create a Web Application?

Many factors make web applications the ideal option for many businesses. You should also know why it is better to have a web application. So let’s discuss the reasons one by one.

Better Speed

The vital aspect when it comes to building an app or website is the speed. If the app or website that you are going to make for your business has a slow speed, then there is no point in making them. Because it will not facilitate the users.

Web Applications have better speed than other kinds of applications and websites. They provide better speed and quality as compared to the other options.

Easy Access

The next factor that makes web applications the future is quick access. With the help of a web application, the user can easily get access to your site, which is better for your business. The process is just better and hassle-free with web apps.

Useable Irrespective of the Platform

Unlike other types of applications, web applications can be opened irrespective of the platform. This results in better reach and any user can have access to your site. This is one of the best things about web applications and many big companies are taking interest in them.

Aspects that affect the Price of Web App

There are many factors on which the price of a web application depends. So let’s discuss the factors one by one.

The Complexity of the Web Application

The first factor that can make your web app development expensive or cheap is the complexity of the web application. If your project is complex then you will have to get a team or a web application development firm to help you out and that will cost you a lot of money.

If your project is not very complex then you will have no extra expenses.

The UI/UX Design

The basic thing that makes a web application attractive and easy to use is the UI/UX design. If you are willing to hire a good designer for your web application then it will require good money. Design of the web application is mandatory, whether your project is complex or not.

The Web App Code Development

Now comes the main part. After your design is ready, you will require a web app developer to write code for your web application. You can hire a nice developer for this purpose.

Team Management

If your project is complex then you will have to hire a manager to manage the designer, developers, and other team workers. You can not manage them yourself, so will need a manager.


Another factor that is directly connected to the price is urgency. If you want the project on an urgent basis then you will require a lot of money. Because it is not easy to create a web app in such a small frame of time.

Average Cost of a Web Application Development

Now let’s talk about the average cost of web applications. From the most basic to advanced, these are the average costs of web app development:

For a Normal Web App

If your project is not complex and you are looking for a regular web application. Then it will cost you around $5k to $15k to build a normal web app from scratch.

For an Intermediate level Web App

If you are willing to create an intermediate-level web application then it will cost you anywhere between $20k to $55k. The costs may go up to $60k if you are going for some high-level modifications and designs.

For an Advanced level Web App

Advanced-level web applications cost the most as you get top-notch designers and developers to do your work. So the average price of an advanced level web app development is between $55k to $250k. The cost can also go up to $300k if you decide to get a lot of team members, designers, and developers to create a corporate-level web application.

Options for Hiring for Your Web Application Development

There are many options to choose from when it comes to hiring web application developers. Depending on that you will be charged low or high. So these are the two most popular ways of getting your work done:

Hire a Freelancer

The first and the cheap way of web application development is to hire a freelance developer or a team of developers to handle your project. They will charge you comparatively less than an in-house developer or team.
Many people hire freelancers from platforms like Fiverr and Upwork and work with them. If you are going to hire a freelance web app developer then We recommend that you select an experienced developer with a nice rating.

Contact a Web App Development Team or Firm

The next option can be a little expensive but it is less risky than hiring freelance developers. You can hire a Web Application Development Firm to handle your project. There are a lot of reputed firms online and offline that can create your desired web application.


Web applications are the future and many businesses are moving from their normal websites to web applications. People get confused about the prices of web application development so, in this blog, we have cleared this confusion and discussed the pricing of web application development briefly. You can check all of it above.

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