How Google Voice Works On iPhone- Best In 2022

How Google Voice Works On iPhone

If you need a good, cloud-based VoiP (voice-over-IP) service and you’re sick of programs like Skype, WhatsApp, and others, Google Voice maybe your best option. You can always expect quality service, features, and pricing options from Google. Not to mention, they are an Internet giant with one of the largest and most respected networks.

That said, some potential users shy away from Google Voice because they are worried that it will not be compatible with their iPhone or other Apple products. This discussion will look at what this app is and how Google Voice works on iPhone devices.

What Is Google Voice?

As hinted above, Google Voice is a VoiP solution, which is a more technical way of saying it is an app and service that helps you make phone calls, receive texts and voicemails, and even forward calls to another device.

Because Google Voice only requires an Internet connection to function, you need to be sure that you have a stable network. This is especially true if you want to use it to make calls. Google Voice can be accessed from any device, which means you can access your Google Voice texts on your iPhone, desktop computer, tablet, and any other device. All you need to do is sign in to your account!

Can You Get Google Voice On An iPhone?

Yes! There is a free app that Google offers in the Apple App Store that will allow you to run Google Voice on an iPhone. This same app can also be used on any other Apple device. The app has all of the same functions that it would on an Android device or your computer. You’ll be able to send and receive texts, listen to voicemails, place calls (as long as you have a speaker and headset enabled on your device), and more.

How Much Does Google Voice Cost?

If you want to send texts or place calls to US numbers only, then Google Voice is entirely free! The only charges come when you want to place calls to overseas locations. Then, you need to add credits to your account. Credits cost a small fee, but even then it is very affordable. You may only need to pay a few cents per minute!

How many credits you will need per minute will depend on what international location you are calling. You can visit the Google Voice homepage for more information on call rates to different countries.

How Does Google Voice Work?

Google Voice is a simple program to use. In this section, you’ll learn about the signup process and what it is like to use the Google Voice app on an iPhone device.

Getting Your Phone Number

The first thing that you are asked when opening the Google Voice app is to enter a phone number. You can use the phone number that you already have or choose to select a new number.

When you opt to choose a new phone number, Google will ask for your area code. Then, you can pick the number of your choice, provided that it is available. Otherwise, you can take the random available number that Google suggests.

There is no waiting period. Once you’ve chosen an available number, it is yours right away.

Making A Voicemail

After selecting your phone number, you’ll be asked to create a voicemail message. This is no different from setting a voicemail message on your iPhone. Follow the prompts until you hear the beep that signals when to start recording your voicemail message. Once you’re satisfied, you can save your voicemail message.

When you receive a voicemail in Google Voice, you have a couple of options. You can listen to it right in the app, just as you would with a normal voicemail on your phone. You can also choose to get the recording of the voicemail sent to your email.

Sending / Receiving Texts

With Google Voice, sending and receiving texts is no different from what you’re already familiar with from other messaging and calling apps. The nice benefit of Google Voice is the ability to access your texts (and send/receive them) on any device that you access.

Call Forwarding

If you have enabled call forwarding with Google Voice, you’ll hear an alert on your phone when someone is calling your Google Voice number. You can then answer the call with your iPhone device. The caller will only see your Google Voice phone number.

The same is true if you miss a call to your Google Voice number and want to call back using your iPhone. You can choose to have your Google Voice number show up as the Caller ID. This helps mask your actual iPhone number. On the other hand, you can make a call through your best smartwatches as well.

Why Would Someone Choose To Use Google Voice?

Why not just use your iPhone’s normal call and messaging apps? There are a few common cases where using Google Voice is very helpful.

Business Owners

You want to have a separate phone line for your business, but paying for another number through your cell phone service provider is expensive. Plus, carrying two phones can be a pain. Google Voice offers a free alternative that lets you use two phone numbers on the same device.

You may even get lucky when choosing your Google Voice number to be able to pick a vanity number that relates to your business!


Privacy is a big concern in today’s world. You want to be sure that your most sensitive information is only available to you and the people that you trust. A phone number is something that many people like to be kept secret.

With Google Voice, you can text and call with people outside your trusted circle without the risk of them having your actual phone number.


Being able to connect to your texts and voicemail on any Internet-enabled device is very convenient, especially if you are changing screens a lot or always on the move. Many Google Voice users simply find it more convenient than traditional calling and texting apps.


To summarize, Google Voice works just fine on iPhone devices. All you need to do is to download the Google Voice app from the App Store and set up your account. Signing up is free and easy, as long as you are making calls within the US.

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