How Do I Send a Fax via Windows 10: Best In 2021

How Do I Send a Fax via Windows 10

With an upgrade of windows comes the issue with the apps that you were using with the prior Windows. As almost all businesses have now switched to Windows 10, a constant struggle that businesses face is how to send a fax via Windows 10?

But, little do people know that you can fax online through your Windows 10 operating system. You do not have to worry about Windows’ compatibility with your old and dated fax machine. Windows fax and scan windows 10 is possible in a totally remote manner without a fax machine.

Fax documents are the most admissible formats of business communication. No other document exchange type offers the kind of security and reliability like fax does. This is why the popularity of online faxing services is growing with time.

Online Faxing Service: CocoFax

Without secure communication, a business is bottlenecked through competition and leakage of information. You do not have to fret over logistics issues and you do not even have to rely upon the office infrastructure. You can fax and scan from your Windows 10 remotely.

The application has earned a lot of accolades for the perfect interface it has. Even first-timers at online faxing can feel completely at ease and relieved when using CocoFax.

Send and Receive Fax from Windows 10

Cocofax works in an effortlessly dynamic way on a Windows 10 system. It can be used in multiple ways. To begin the journey of being able to fax through a Windows 10 system, you first need to take a CocoFax subscription.

Another advantage, also, to prompt online faxing is that Cocofax offers a 30-day free trial. It is a good enough time when you can test CocoFax and your compatibility with the platform, dashboard, services, etc. This is a period of free services.


Should you have issues with the compatibility, you can cancel the subscription while it is still within the trial period. Even with your Windows 10, you can check the level of fax compatibility you can attain with CocoFax and decide in accordance.

Why Cocofax is better for Windows 10

If you search randomly on the internet, you would discover many online faxing applications. The search results are most likely going to make you feel bewildered and apprehensive. The so-called ‘free demos’ and unrealistic marketing lures are going to make the decision hard, but CocoFax is worth the time and effort.

Even if you go ahead and just randomly purchase the cheapest alternative available on the internet, you would just be putting your information exchange at stake. The credibility and security of your information could be at risk. Can you imagine sending an important quotation via fax and that getting leaked to your competitors?


You should totally prefer Cocofax over other online faxing software. Here are some reasons why CocoFax is not only different but even better than online fax software for Windows 10:


With CocoFax, you can use any platform that has internet connectivity for sending out or receiving a fax. You can use a laptop, desktop, PC, smartphone or any other internet compatible device, CocoFax can be used on any of them.

There is no shortage of alternatives and no one specific rule to go by. You can use CocoFax on any internet compatible device to send out faxes remotely.


Cocofax is a very trusted platform and corporations around the world have developed reliance upon the world.  It is totally safe to send fax documents through this platform so that there is no leakage of any crucial data.

Delivery Notification

Sending and receiving faxes was never so easy. CocoFax intimates the user of the application immediately on successful delivery or receipt of a fax. There are also multiple methods of using CocoFax. The application does not bottleneck usage through only a single prescribed way.

Free Fax Number

One major benefit of using CocoFax is the fact that you get a free fax number with the subscription. You do not have to separately apply for a fax number. You do not even need a fax machine to get a fax number.


You get a fax number totally free from CocoFax. This fax number acts as your fax identity. You can use and share this number with parties that fax you. You will be able to receive faxes online on this number itself.


Surcharges on faxes and bank-breaking rates by most leading online faxing services really make one rethink the proposition of online faxing. But, unlike other applications, CocoFax is the most economical of all platforms.

The rates are subsidized and the free faxes also include international faxes. In addition to the security of information and conduct, CocoFax also ensures that there is a lot of operational cost saving.

Receive Faxes Online on Windows 10

You do not just send a fax through CocoFax, but also receive the fax on your CocoFax dashboard and your email. Every fax received is received in the form of a PDF document. As a CocoFax subscriber, you can feel free to share the fax number with others as any fax you receive will be received almost immediately online.

You will get an email notification whenever you receive a new fax and this alert would ensure that you never miss out on vital fax. Even with Windows 10, you will get an email alert and update on your CocoFax dashboard about the arrival of new fax.

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If you have been wondering about Windows fax and scan windows 10 platform, you can’t find a more compatible and simple way than CocoFax. The platform is known for its compatibility with all kinds of software and gadgets.

CocoFax works on multiple platforms, and with such efficient ease, it seems impossible for an app to be so good at so many things. Your search for the perfect Windows 10 faxing software should officially end here as there is no app even close to the kind of comfort that CocoFax provides.

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