Grum VS Aigrow– What’s A Better Instagram Scheduler- Best In 2021

Grum VS Aigrow

Having a robust online presence on Instagram has become necessary for every business in today’s fast-paced digital world. However, gaining higher reach is not that easy, you need to be consistent on the platform and keep track of the latest topics. But it can be a very challenging task, fortunately, we can always enjoy the benefits offered by third-party apps to schedule Instagram content.

There are various Instagram schedulers offering services to plan your content and gain consistency. But in this article, we are going to compare the two best Instagram schedulers. So here it is, Grum VS. AiGrow – What’s a better Instagram scheduler?

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Grum VS. AiGrow – Overview

Scheduling Instagram posts in advance can make an actual difference to your engagement rate as it allows you to post consistently. In this portion, we will dig into more details about the above-mentioned Instagram schedulers. So, without further ado let’s get started. 

What is Grum? co? 

Grum. co is an excellent scheduling tool used for listing Instagram posts in advance. It is a unitasker and a very simple tool that helps you plan your Instagram content easily. 

You just have to schedule your Instagram content and it will automatically post it without any confirmation notifications. It is one of the most cost-effective schedulers available in the market. It also allows you to switch between multiple Instagram accounts. 

What is 

AiGrow is a platform that offers Instagram management services and helps you grow your Instagram account. It offers various features which help you generate Instagram followers and boost your engagements. 

It also offers you options to design your posts and schedule them using a calendar. Unlike Grum, it offers various other Instagram solutions like managing Instagram growth using analytics, auditing Instagram accounts, providing all-in-one bio-link, and so on. 

Grum VS. AiGrow – Set Up

Setting up an account on these platforms is a piece of cake. You just need to follow the given instructions and schedule your content on Instagram. 

How to Set Up an Account on Grum?

Due to the heavy load on servers of Grum, you can only register with Grum if you have a coupon code. Find someone who is already using this tool and request a coupon code from them. Once you get the code, go to Grum. co and click on “Get started now”. A registration page will appear, fill in all the required details and you are ready to go.

How to Set Up an Account on AiGrow?

Simply go to aigrow. me and get started by clicking on the “FREE TRIAL” button on the homepage of AiGrow. Now you just need to fill in the details like your name, email, and password. Connect your Instagram account by providing login details. You are now ready to enjoy the features of this tool. 

Grum VS. AiGrow – Features

If you are comparing two platforms then features are the most important bit to focus upon. Which Instagram schedular has the best features to schedule your content more efficiently?

What Grum Offers?

Grum is a simple tool and the user interface of this platform is also quite simple. There are various features offered by this platform to increase your Instagram engagement. Scheduling your posts through this tool is a simple process. You may try different Instagram followers apps to get faster growth.

On the “timeline” page you just need to click on “+” to add a post or simply drag it in from your desktop. Add optimized captions and with the first comment you can add up to 30 hashtags. 

Now all you have to do is schedule your content for later, or you can even post right away. That’s it for you, now the app will do everything. You can also edit your posts using the “Scheduled” tab. 

With Grum you can also schedule multiple posts, just bulk upload it on the dashboard and the photos or videos will post every day by themselves. There will also be no confirmation notifications. 

What AiGrow Offers?

AiGrow is loaded with multiple features to help you gain engagement on Instagram. Here are some of the important ones, the platform offers 

  • Post and Story Scheduling
  • Automated engagements (Auto follows, likes, and comments)
  • Engagement Groups
  • Social Monitoring 
  • All-In-One-Bio-Link
  • Desktop Inbox
  • Post and Reward

We will only talk about post and story scheduling in detail. The tool offers a free Instagram scheduler. After registration, you can easily access it from your AiGrow dashboard by clicking on the “Schedule Posts” button. 

Start adding your content along with captivating captions and relevant hashtags. Schedule your posts by adding date and time. You can also upload the same post from multiple accounts, so select those accounts on which you want to upload this content. Now click “Schedule” and you are done, it’s that simple. 

The scheduler also provides a hashtag research tool right and with this you can find popular hashtags related to your content. With a suitable click, you can easily gain engagements on Instagram

Grum VS. AiGrow – Pricing

You can’t overlook your budget constraint while choosing an Instagram Scheduler, therefore pricing plays an important role while comparing two Instagram schedulers. Let’s find out the pricing of Grum and AiGrow. 

Pricing Packages of Grum 

Grum offers a 3-day free trial with three pricing packages. The packages are starting from $9.95/monthly offering unlimited editors for 1-2 Instagram accounts and ranging up to $2.95/monthly per Instagram account offering unlimited editors and 5+ Instagram accounts. 

Pricing Packages of AiGrow

AiGrow offers various pricing packages including a “Free Plan” absolutely free for 5 days. The Scheduler plans are starting from $7/monthly and ranging up to $39/monthly.  


The above two Instagram schedulers have a good reputation in the market. However, Grum is a simple tool used only for scheduling purposes whereas AiGrow offers various other features that can be used to grow on Instagram. 

In the end, it’s all about the approach to your problem. If you want an inexpensive Instagram scheduler then Grum is the best option. But if you need more features than just scheduling posts then AiGrow is your answer. 

We hope that this article solves your dilemma and you make the right decision. Use these tools to schedule your content and get a tribe of trusted people. You can also visit some of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. However, growing organically is a better option. 

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