10 Best Google Play Store Alternatives In 2021

Best Google Play Store Alternatives

Google Play is the main destination for Android users that meets all our needs for downloading apps and games. But even with its wide collection of millions of apps, you might not get the app that you are looking for.

A particular app may not be available in your area, it may be in the development scene, or your device may not have access to it in the Play Store. This is not a major problem at all because several other Play Store alternatives are safe to visit.

These third-party Android app stores not only allow you to download apps without using Google Play, but they also give paid apps for free, give a discount on premium apps, or provide other money-saving offers.

Installation of apps from any other source apart from the Google Play Store is barred on Android by default. So the first thing you are required to do is to enable app installation from unverified sources. Go to Settings > Security. Tap on “Unknown sources” to enable it.

Unknown sources in Android

Now, feel free to check out this list of app stores for Android.

10 Best Google Play Alternatives (2019)

  • Aptoide
  • APKMirror
  • Amazon Appstore
  • F-Droid
  • GetJar
  • SlideMe
  • AppBrain
  • MoboGenie
  • Galaxy Apps
  • GetAPK

Note: Please note that the list of apps and websites discussed below isn’t a ranking; you’re suggested to read their features and use the ones that satisfy you the best.

1. Aptoide

Aptoid’s design goes in line with Google’s criteria, and the experience is almost as good as the Play Store with a well-crafted user interface.

Aptoide is an open-source Android app store with over 700,000 apps to take from its stock that has over 3 billion downloads. It has been adopted by more than 150 million users around the globe since its launch in 2009.

There are various versions of the Aptoide app available:

  • Aptoide app for smartphones and tablets
  • Aptoide TV which is an edition for smart TVs and Set-top Boxes
  • Aptoide VR and Aptoide Kids for children’s devices.

It enables you to download APKs onto your device directly and install them. It is a reliable and straightforward app store for Android that you can take as a great Google Play Store alternative.


2. APKMirror

APKMirror, as the name suggests, allows you to download tons of free Android APKs and no paid apps are available here. However, APKMirror doesn’t have a dedicated Android app. So, users are required to visit the website for APK downloads.

APKMirrorThe apps available on this Google Play alternative are malware-free and reliable to download. On the homepage, the apps are organized in chronological order and you can also find popularity charts based on a monthly, weekly, and 24-hour basis. There is also a search bar option for those who want to cut to the chase.

APKMirror’s user interface is amicable on the desktop, but it can be annoying to those accessing it via a smartphone. It’s somewhat hard to get the download button for the APK files. Other than that, you should just give it a try to this Android app store.

3. Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore for Android also called with another name the Amazon Underground, is one of the best alternatives for the Play Store to download paid apps for free. The app store has about 334,000 different options of amazing apps, free as well as paid. In fact, it’s the default marketplace for Amazon’s Android Fire-branded line of Android devices.

The interesting thing about the Amazon Appstore is the “free app of the day” feature. Every day a premium application is given for free. Those who carefully check back every day can download many famous apps without paying a single penny.

The store has a vast variety of music, books, and movies which are often available at a price lower than the Play Store. Overall, the Amazon AppStore provides a good experience to those looking for free app stores for Android, because it’s backed by such a big name.

4. F-Droid

F-droid is one such app store that focuses on free and open-source software (FOSS) Android apps only. The apps on the store are well managed based on the category, and you will find a vast collection of apps for free.

Uniquely, the complete site and app store are run by volunteers and based on donations. So if you get an app you like, do think of making a small donation to keep this Google Play alternative up and running.

F-Droid is quite famous among Android developers as they have easy access to all the codes of the apps. They can utilize part of the codes to make apps of their own.

The apps don’t have reviews or ratings and are not always as stable as can be found in Google Play. If you are a developer, then it’s a go-to site for you.

5. GetJar

GetJar has been working for a very long time and is even older than the Play Store. It provides more than 800,000 varieties of apps across major mobile platforms, including Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Android.

GetJarThe apps are organized into categories and sub-categories within the store that makes it easier to find what you want. The desktop interface resembles the mobile interface and makes browsing convenient. The selection of apps is big, but not all of them are the latest.

Other than apps, this Android app store alternative also provides you access to several themes and games that you can install on your device.

6. SlideMe

Another long-term player in the app store business that is secure and easy to install is SlideMe. Many Android Open Source Project (AOSP) OEM’s are preloaded with SlideMe Market. It offers free and paid apps in various sections, and they all pass through a quality control process.

Based on geographic locations and payment methods, SlideMe gives an appropriate marketplace for developers.

7. AppBrain

If you are looking for an app store where you can find paid apps for free, then look no further because AppBrain can be your final destination. Developers offer premium apps for free for a limited time period on this website. In return, AppBrain publicizes its app. This App Store alternative gives you access to thorough details of apps that you will not find in any other place.

All of the apps in AppBrain obtain from Google Play Store. AppBrain offers both options, an app, and a website to enable users to access its catalog. Unless you own an AppBrain account, you will be redirected to Play Store when you download an app.


8. Mobogenie

Mobogenie is yet another Google Play option with several software options to pick from. It has a huge user base, maintains multiple languages, and showcases the same apps found in Play Store but properly organized.

Furthermore, you can also download apps, videos, audio files, images, etc on your PC and move them later to your smartphone or tablet. It also allows you to back up your device’s contents seamlessly.

Mobogenie possesses an intelligent suggestion engine that is supposed to analyze your preferences and make sensible suggestions. The interface is great, and it can be used globally, plus, there is no registration required.

9. Galaxy Apps

If you are using an Android device from Samsung, you are probably already aware of this Android app store alternative called Galaxy Store. For of all, there is no suspicion the app store scores some huge numbers in terms of looks and feel.

Galaxy Apps

Other than all the Samsung-made apps, Galaxy Store also offers many other popular Android apps that one might desire to download on their device. However, the app store only provides Samsung-made devices including smartphones and smartwatches. Hence, it makes a great secondary app store for Samsung fans.

10. GetAPK Market

GetAPK Market is one of the biggest stores for downloading APK files. All the apps in this store are available for free. You just require to explore the name of the app you want and then download the free APK file for it.

GetAPK MarketAlternatively, you can do it from Google Play itself. Go to Play Store and search for the premium app you want to download for free. Once you’ve arrived on the app page, hit the Share button, and select GetAPK from the list of apps shown.

From there, you will be redirected to the app download page where you’ll find it for free. However, GetAPK doesn’t have a great responsive user interface as compared to the Android Play Store.

So, guys, these were our picks for the best free app stores for Android in 2021, and hope we might have answered your question: What can I use instead of Google Play?

Now, you should understand that each of these 10 Google Play Store alternatives fulfills a different need. Some offer paid apps for free and some provide open-source apps. So, it’s your choice what do you want.

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