Gmail for Android is Ready to Get New Functionalities With a New Update

Gmail in the Web desktop version is more than an email client, representing a complete solution and it seems that soon the version destined for Android devices will become even richer.

At least that’s what seems to emerge from the analysis of the code of the new version of Gmail, v.2020.04.12.307915656. The code has identified references to Chat, Meet, and Task, which suggests that these services of the Mountain View giant in the future will be even more interconnected with each other also on mobile devices.

Important Features Coming to Gmail for Android

Users should have the opportunity in the future to start new conversations, view the various rooms, and participate in meetings with Meet, features already available in the desktop web client.

However, it was the same Google team that announced that these features will soon be available on mobile devices.

This new version of Gmail for Android is significantly heavier and already seems to incorporate aspects of the complete Chat and Meet apps. The new version reaches 50.8 MB in size. In reality, this integration seems to be more than just connecting to other apps installed on your device and should allow users to act directly within the app.

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