5 Best Free iMovie Alternative For Windows To Try In 2023

Best iMovie Alternative For Windows

Video editing is one of the most coveted tasks for anyone who has been into vlogging, sales video creation, or even creating videos for social media platforms.

With just a tap or two, you can beautify your video and add effects to make it more elegant for the audience.  Luckily, there are hundreds of video editing tools that you can choose to create an engaging video with the addition of intriguing features to it.

One such popular video editing tool is iMovie. No doubt, iMovie is one of the best video editing tools for beginners that is easy to use and has an amazing and intuitive dashboard with all the tools easily navigable.

Apart from its basic features, advanced users can get into the nitty-gritty of editing and customization as well. Undoubtedly, iMovie is one of the best video editing tools for the Mac.

But what about the Windows user? Sadly, iMovie is built for Mac users only.

So, Is there any iMovie alternative for Windows that provides the same functions and features as what iMovie does for Mac?

In this article, we have shared some of the best iMovie alternatives for Windows to try out.

Best & Top iMovie Alternatives for Windows

1.   VidClipper

Powered by ToolRocket, VidClipper is one of the best and most easy-to-use video editing software for Windows.

This free alternative provides an excellent video editing experience even for newbies. It focuses on basic features such as the use of cutting, cropping, and filtering to create the video that you want.

Above that, VidClipper’s most amazing feature is the video overlay option that can create one video over another one.

VidClipper has scads of features including:

  • Use of Fonts and Overlay Images
  • Popular Animations
  • Double Speed Videos
  • Transition Templates
  • Hundreds of GIFs and Stickers

The best part; the edited videos can be downloaded in various formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, and others.

With VidClipper, you can create various types of videos such as:

  • Post Credit Videos
  • Creating GamePlay Videos
  • Make Instructional and Tutorial Videos
  • Creating Promotional and Marketing Related Videos

2.   VSDC Video Editor

VSDC is undoubtedly one of the best iMovie alternatives for Windows that provide extensive features and an amazing video editing experience for the end-users. It runs on even the slowest systems and is such a lightweight editing tool that comes with a plethora of features.

One of the USPs of VSDC is that the videos can be imported in any quality and any format and be transformed to the desired format or the format which is pre-configured for social media.

As for the basic features, this video editing tool offers simple cutting, cropping, and rotating.

Apart from its basic feature, VSDC has significantly advanced features including the filters and effects such as Chroma Key, long shadow, lens glare, realistic raindrops,

Some Advanced features of the VSDC video editing tool include:

  • Use of Color Adjustment tools adopting styles such as quick Instagram-style filters, LUTs, RGB, and Hue Saturation curves.
  • Users can overlay videos one over the other and control opacity as desired.
  • It lets add a soundtrack from the editor or flexibility to upload your soundtrack and improve the sound quality of the video that syncs with your video
  • Lastly, it can automatically remove the background of your video and add any background you want.

3.   Filmora

Filmora is a freemium iMovie alternative for Windows users that comes with a balance between powerful editing features and a robust interface.

If you are someone who loves the bells and whistles of editing, then this tool is perfect for you.  Right when you start and install, this software will give you a walkthrough of video editing.

Filmora is one of the software that has the most features and amazing video quality even after editing. It has various cool features and filters such as the use of Snow and Charcoal.

Apart from this, 300+ video editing effects can be applied to give an enhancing video editing experience.

Ease of Use is where Filmora shines the most. Even the newbies can start with editing and get introduced to the nitty-gritty of editing.

Some features of Filmora are:

  • Split Screen
  • Audio Equalizer
  • Color Adjustment Filter
  • Create Multiple layers of Videos
  • Video and Audio Control

4.   Videopad Video Editor

Videopad by NCH is one of the best and top alternatives for iMovie that offers features and interface almost similar to what iMovie does.

This video editor gives a seamless experience between the desktop and mobile interface.

Apart from Windows, Videopad is also available on Android, Kindle, and iPad. Videopad is a free-to-use tool if you want a video without a watermark.

Import any type or any format of video to the Videopad editor and you can convert and export it back to the desired output.

Videopad offers some extensive features of video editing such as:

  • It can burn video to DVDs so that it can be watched anywhere.
  • A comprehensive library of soundtracks can be included in the video.
  • Users can convert video from 2D to 3D form using the stereoscopic conversion feature.
  • Videopad also has plugin support that allows cartoon rendering, the use of monochrome colors, sharpening the image, and boosting video effects.

5.   DaVinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is one of the most popular iMovie alternatives for Windows since it can be used for creating post-production videos and mastering the art of color correction at every point.

Not a good choice for beginners, this app comes included with various features such as advanced color correction controls, audio mixing, and visual effects.

DaVinci’s premium version comes with such features that have been even utilized by the Hollywood Industry and post-production of movie scenes such as La La Land.

It allows real-time collaborations from the editors and the use of RAW image coloring tools, audio mixing, and video editing effects along with features that include:

  • Content Trimming
  • Various Forms of Transitions
  • Fusion Effects to create cinematic effects.
  • Create mixed-format timelines
  • A keyboard that is specifically designed for DaVinci Resolve users.

If you need robust tools for editing with advanced features and functionalities with a cinematic experience, then DaVinci 12 is the best answer.

Wrapping Up:

Here it is!

This is our list of Best iMovie Alternatives for Windows that you can download for free. These alternatives come with impeccable features and a robust interface that makes video editing a breeze.

There are various other free iMovie alternatives such as Camtasia, Olive, HitFilm Express, OpenShot, and others. It all depends on your use and the features that you need.

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