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Sometimes things have become easier when you know why and where you are heading in your life. Even though it sounds very simple and you know the desired destination of your life then it is obvious that you are pretty sorted in your life. But if you need to rethink all over again about the purpose and the destination of your life then you are probably heading in the right direction because till it ends, life is all about a journey with phenomenal experience, it is certainly not a destination with complete satisfaction.

If you are quite confused about where I am heading then allow me to clear your confusion by citing the most thoughtful journey of the much talked about series Only Murders in the Building. Even in this story, all the characters are heading in the direction of finding the truth. As I said, instead of reaching the destination, this story has given more focus to its journey than its goal. Now, if you are quite curious to know the journey as well as the destination of this suspense thriller series then choose the most attractive features of Flixpal Hulu downloader to enjoy your content in your offline entertainment world.

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Series Name…Only Murders in the Building (2021)

  • Ratings: 8.1/10
  • Genre: Crime, Comedy, Drama, Mystry, Thriller
  • Directed by: Jamie Babbit, Cherien Dabis, Gillian Robespierre, and others
  • Produced by: Jamie Babbit, Thembi Banks, Matteo Borghese, and others
  • Cast: Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez, and others.


The basic plot of the story is that three strangers live in one exclusive apartment and they are excessively obsessed with real crime. All of a sudden they had found the real one when a murder happened in their building. These three had started to investigate this murder mystery with their prior proficiency in true crime.

During their investigation, while recording their podcast as a document of the facts of the case they had come across a very old and hidden secret of the building and it led them to unfold the lies that they had said to each other. Eventually, their doubts and investigation took them to a situation where they had concluded that the murderer happened to be one of them and therefore they rush to find the one before getting too late.


The story started when the three neighbors named Oliver, Mabel, and Charles, who lived in an upper west side building shared a common interest in finding the true crime. This common interest of these three men had made their bond with each other very strong. Now their journey had begun when a real murder happened in their building.

And the trio started to record their podcast as a part of their investigations. In the process of their investigation, one of Mabel’s secrets was revealed. When Oliver started to use his skill of theater and direction to investigate the case from his end, then on the contrary the other duo got busy questioning an obsessive cat lover.

Moving on to the next step they had suspected a renowned resident of the building as a murderer but because of the status of that person the trio was not able to reach that person and therefore they needed a piece of advice from a reputed podcast host. After that when Mable was heading to an independent mission of tracking the victim then the other duo started following her.

Meanwhile, Mabel took her old best friend to her childhood house to meet her mother, and here Williams started to find out her confusion about the case. Now, I am stopping here, because I want you to reveal the truth about this murder mystery in your offline watch with the Flixpal Hulu downloader. And before reaching the climax of the story you can watch every episode of this series several times to solve this murder puzzle on your own.

The Hidden Secret of the Story

Since this is a crime drama series, it is quite obvious that there would be breathtaking excitement and goose bumping suspense throughout the story till it ends. But what would make you surprised is that you would be going through a hilarious journey with your thrilling anxiety. This is a very unconventional combination of comedy and exhilarating suspense. In one moment when you are caught in a stomach aching laughter then suddenly you are thrown into the world of deep darkened murdered mystery.

These two shades of comedy and unbearable suspense would take you on a rollercoaster ride in this series. Another most intriguing part of this story is its unpredictability. Whenever you think you are taking a right turn, you have reached the left direction. Even though it sounds funny, this is the most engaging and fascinating part of this saga. Now, don’t go by my words unless you are fully convinced with me after watching this entire series with the utmost facilities of Flixpal Hulu downloader.

Our Verdict

This series has already won the heart of the audience by making its mark as one of the most-watched comedy premieres in Hulu history in 2021. Along with this, from critical appreciation to audience support, this series has been flooded with hugely positive reactions. So, there is no need to praise it further when it has already established its powerful success with the commendable performance of the lead performers of this show. The excellent storytelling style of the creator has taken it to another level of perfection of execution. So, we can assure you that watching this series with Flixpal Hulu downloader would make you come across something that you haven’t experienced before.

Download Only Murders in the Building: with Flixpal Hulu downloader

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Step 1


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Step 2


Now you just find your favorite video content for download through this downloader by using its built-in browse option.



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So, what else you could ask for when you have the smartest option of watching the series Only Murders in the Building with the widest opportunities of Flixpal Hulu downloader in your cozy comfort zone. Since this kind of crime drama makes a very strong impact on your mind and thoughts therefore you would surely like to watch them repeatedly to explore its different dimensions with your conviction. So, if you don’t want to miss the experience of being lost in the realm of suspense and humor then make the strongest and longest bond with the Flixpal Hulu downloader for sure.

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