Fitbit Smartwatch for Kids With 4G Connectivity May Arrive Later This Year

Fitbit is one of the largest companies in the wearable device business. The company was acquired by Google at the end of last year so that its experience could be integrated into the search giant’s smartwatch operating system. Now, rumors indicate that the manufacturer intends to launch a watch targeting children.

The information of Fitbit smartwatch for kids comes from the Engadget website, which stated that the device with 4G support should be launched in 2020. The rumor goes on that Fitbit should acquire Doki Technologies, a Hong Kong-based startup that focuses on children, already having made DokiWatch, DokiPal and DokiWatch S. available on the market

The move would have the intention of accelerating the entry of Fitbit in the segment since Doki already has expertise in the market. Engadget even questioned the two companies, but both refused to comment on the development. Interestingly, records at a Chinese agency point to Andrew Paul Missan, Vice President of Fitbit, as a current director of Doki, which reinforces the rumor.

The supposed series of children’s watches should be launched exclusively in China, but there are still chances of the devices reaching other markets, especially considering that Apple has already shown intentions to reach children.

Apple intends to update the WatchOS, its operating system present on the Apple Watch, with functions created specifically for kids, such as Schooltime, which locks the clock while children are at school. However, the Cupertino company has no plans to launch a device for this audience, at least for now.

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