7 Features Of A Cloud Pbx System That Prove Why It’s Better Than Traditional PBX In 2022

Features Of A Cloud Pbx System

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems are important for any business nowadays due to our ever-increasing communication needs.

Most companies are familiar with traditional PBX systems that work on-site. However, as technology has progressed, many companies have now gravitated towards a cloud PBX system instead. Cloud PBX can also be known as hosted PBX or virtual PBX, and here are some reasons why people have shifted to this type of system.

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  1. Easy setup and is cost-efficient

On-site PBX can be very expensive. You need to invest in hardware, software, servers, and systems. You will also need staff to set this system up, customize it, and ensure it continues working correctly.

A cloud-based PBX system like the Horizon Hosted Phone System doesn’t require extra hardware as everything is based remotely and handled in the Cloud. This saves on the cost of new equipment, installation, maintenance, and regular IT staff. This means that companies with smaller budgets can now have access to a PBX system.

  1. Manage all your communications from one interface

In today’s modern office there are a wide variety of tools being used for communication and collaboration daily. As such, being able to communicate across these channels is becoming essential to guarantee business efficiency and customer service.

Onsite PBX systems only offer a set amount of standard features to support this multi-channel communication. However, Cloud PBX can support multiple different types of communication such as voice, video, and text.

According to Forbes, 70% of customers prefer to message businesses rather than call them, and 25% of them feel more satisfied when dealing with companies via messaging systems. As such, easily incorporating this medium of communication is important to achieve customer satisfaction. Furthermore, in today’s post-pandemic world, your hybrid and remote workers will feel more connected to the office and part of the team if they can check in via video and messaging, rather than just by phone or email.

  1. Cloud PBX is easy to adjust in size

Businesses grow over time as they establish themselves or offer new products and services. They also shrink when they streamline operations, automate workload, or change direction.

Onsite PBX cannot upscale or downscale your business quickly and would require further time and money to do so. However, with Cloud PBX, most things are easier and cheaper to adjust. This model also works well for seasonal businesses.

  1. Easy for backup and recovery

If your company is unlucky enough to experience a disaster such as a flood or a fire, then an onsite PBX system would likely be destroyed along with everything else. Likewise, if there is a burglary and your company is ransacked, your onsite PBX equipment may well be damaged or stolen. However, Cloud-based PBX systems are not based on the premises, therefore you can continue to operate despite the issues you have faced.

  1. Offers more security than a traditional PBX system

With Traditional PBX, it is your responsibility to ensure that all upgrades, patches, and firewalls are up-to-date and activated. It is down to you to ensure all these security features are working correctly and, if needed, that there is a team of trained individuals to maintain them. When using Cloud-based PBX, all this responsibility lies with the provider, meaning that you have less to worry about and it’s cheaper.

  1. Cloud PBX offers more flexibility

Nowadays, not everybody works in the office. Remote and hybrid workers are commonplace and so are people that operate on the road. Some people prefer to work as digital nomads whilst others perform work tasks in transit, on the bus, or train.

A Cloud PBX system allows all these people to communicate easily using multiple channels, as they can access the hosted PBX solution from any location provided they can access the internet.

  1. Greatly improved monitoring options

If you want to collect and analyze call data, a Cloud PBX system will often allow you to log information such as the number of calls received, how many were answered, how long each employee spent on each call, which employee answered the most calls, and which period had the highest volumes of calls. This information can let you monitor your communications efficiently and also see which employees are punching above their weight.

Whatever the size of your company and whatever industry you’re in if you’re looking for a reliable, flexible, and more cost-effective option, then Cloud PBX is the best option.

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