Explore Different Types Of Fire Pit Covers- Best In 2021

Explore Different Types Of Fire Pit Covers

An outstanding fire pit could prove to be the main attraction and the anchor of your backyard. Fire pits are popular because they provide a safe way of enjoying the beauty and warmth of a fire within your premises. You can set a gas-burning pit among your rattan sofas or a metal pan full of logs in your backyard. Moreover, whether you are entertaining your friend and having a BBQ party in summer or keeping warm on frosty winter nights, outdoor chimneys are essential for sprucing up your backyard.

You must choose the perfect fire pit that is most suitable for your home. You must consider factors such as your budget, fuel source of preference, the kind of ambience you wish to create, and if you would like to use it to cook as well. Some fire pits are known to possess a rustic charm according to Forbes, while others are modern and chic. Many of them are designed keeping in mind their functionality than style.

Different Types of Covers for Fire Pits

There are different kinds of fire pit covers and they are known to provide unique benefits. However, they may have some flaws as well. Most fire pit covers cater to a particular type of fire pit usage. Moreover, it is pretty common to buy a couple of different fire pit covers to cover the same pit. It is because different fire pit covers are used for different reasons and different seasons.

Spark Screens

The most purchased fire pit cover type; spark screens might also come bundled with your portable fire pit. Essentially, it is a metal mesh construction that is the same type and finishes of metal as the fire pit itself. They are ideal for keeping any burning bits in the fire pit and preventing any foreign objects from falling in, but unfortunately, they don’t do much against harsher elements like rain that would not only spoil your fire but could damage your equipment as well.

Rain Covers

Rain covers are probably the most inexpensive protection measure but can be essential. They are made of vinyl, oilcloths, or canvas and are available in a huge range of sizes, qualities, prints, and finishes. A good cover will always sit tight on your fire pit thanks to elastic on the perimeter or a drawstring that lets you fix it snugly. Standard sizes are available from most manufacturers, but it isn’t hard to procure a custom-made one to fit your fire pit either. These nifty covers do wonders to protect the bowl from rain, spills, and other kinds of water damage. You may invest in a square fire pit cover that is of waterproof material and high-quality stitching.

Lids and Hard Covers

Lids are the same shape as a spark screen, but they are completely solid and do not let anything in. Lids are usually heavy and thick and are meant to provide the most robust security possible. It makes them ideal for larger fire pits that are built into the ground since it’s unlikely that you will find some other solution that is large or robust enough to provide ample protection for them.

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Safety should be of utmost importance while using a fire pit. You should know the precautions to take before covering the fire pit. Do not cover the fire pit immediately, as that could prove to be hazardous. Ensure that the fire has been extinguished completely.

It is best to allow the fire to gradually and naturally burn out all night. You may cover the fire pit the next morning after an evening party. You may alternatively put out the fire by adding sand to the fire for suffocating the ashes. Avoid using water under normal circumstances. Discard the ashes once the fire has been extinguished. Your children should be taught and pets should be trained to steer clear of the fire pit for safety purposes.

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