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Email Marketing: Fundamentals and Tips

Email marketing continues to be an extremely popular marketing channel. Why? It offers various options for engagement with prospects and customers.

Simultaneously, email marketing is cost-effective, having one of the highest ROI among other channels. For marketers, it can mean the diversification of strategy or a greater focus on certain processes. However, email marketing is not as easy as it seems. How to write an email marketing campaign, then?

Read on, as the particular post is to give you the answer and put some light on helpful email marketing tips.

Email Marketing Importance

Before all, the application of email marketing derives from its significance for marketers. How? The email marketing importance lies in its usability in lead generation, awareness increase, relationship building, and customer retention.

Successful marketing campaigns are characterized by the impact it brings. In particular, one can use email marketing for greeting clients, offering value, educating, or establishing relationships.

In the end, this method is effective in nurturing leads irrespective of their position in a customer journey. As a result, email marketing can facilitate processes at the top or bottom of the sales funnel.

How to Write an Email Marketing Campaign?

Every marketing campaign has essential elements that define its results. Before starting to develop one, you should think of them. What are they? The goal, the email type, the contacts, and the buyer’s persona. Thus, producing an email campaign will require you to:

Set a clear goal

It is no secret that defining a goal sets the flow of the whole campaign. It means that you should know why you are creating an email campaign, what outcome you expect, and how you can measure the results, at least.

When you have a goal, you can create a structured plan to focus on the right things, learn what you lack, and maximize the effect on the audience.

Determine the right email

Marketers utilize different types of marketing campaigns to maximize the outcome. The same applies to email marketing. The type of email usually reflects an objective of the campaign within the plan. Therefore, you should identify which model suits your goal better. It can be a promotion, re-engagement or transactional email, or newsletter.

Newsletters are essential for growing the community and establishing trust. Others are targeted at the unique needs of the audience and have specific email marketing templates.

Understand your prospects’ needs

Besides, email marketing is ineffective if they have no value for the customer. For emails to be valuable, you should offer solutions to their issues or insights on certain things. It will make subscribers interested in the business and its brand. Thus, research your buying persona and reflect it in your campaign.

Prepare contacts

Last but not least, to make your campaign work, you need a list of email addresses. Their validity is crucial for the progress of the whole campaign. In this regard, you have several options.

You can get emails from lead magnets, promotion campaigns, CTAs on landing pages, or offline campaigns. These methods require some time and effort.

Another option is special tools—some work as lead databases, others as email extractors. For instance, this one can extract corporate emails from Linkedin and websites: It can get people’s emails that can be applied for different types of marketing campaigns, for example, for lead emails in the B2B niche.

Tips for Email Marketing Campaign

Comprehending how to write an email marketing campaign is not enough. Email marketing best practices underline that open rates and engagement are essential for successful marketing campaigns. Besides, in terms of emails, there are deliverability factors. These tips should help to design an effective campaign:

Focus on subject lines

To start with, the subject line is the first thing the recipient sees. It aims to put light on the content inside and encourage people to open the letter. Thus, it should be precise yet intriguing enough to interest your target audience.

Include personalization and a compelling call to action

Many marketers emphasize that personalized messages are to improve open rates. Why? They appeal to the reader and can make your letter more relatable and human. By inserting a personalized message, you say, “We know you and want to help you.” Therefore, try to reflect on their needs and previous experience. A good tactic is to make a test for each template you use.

That’s why the call-to-action buttons usually can have a relation to previous searches of the customer. Yet, it should be clear, relevant, and direct. That way, you will not deceive a prospect.

Ensure your message is to be delivered

Another thing to consider is deliverability. You may wonder, “Why is email deliverability important?” Notably, there are enough reasons. You should know of spam words you should mitigate, a domain rating to keep, and a healthy email list to create. Try to check the email lists with appropriate tools and the reputation of your domain before each campaign. Otherwise, your efforts can go in vain. Deliverability ensures your message gets to the box.

Integrate visual elements

Successful marketing campaigns, including email ones, should be visually pleasant. First of all, nice pictures improve engagement. You can make a call to action in the form of an entertaining image.

At the same time, videos are a good move too. They are great for attracting and holding attention, as well as explaining complex things. Subscribers like the humor and exciting facts; try using them.

In this regard, you can use email constructors within email marketing software and devise personalized visual elements. With automation tools, you can add them to your email marketing templates to save time.

Make mobile-friendly messages

Mobile devices are widely used today by prospects and subscribers. When your message is not optimized for mobile users, it increases the chances for your email to be ignored. It is all about user experience and offering value. You can add links that are mobile-friendly so that subscribers continue the customer journey till the end.

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