Effective Signage Design– Important Dos And Don’ts- Best In 2021

Effective Signage Design

Signs are an important part of our lives. Not only do they play a vital role as a marketing and brand-building tool but also serve to provide directions, warnings, and other important instructions that have an impact on safety and public convenience. However, for signs to be effective for the purpose they are being displayed, they must be designed and put up correctly. Some important dos and don’ts of signage design:

Do Get the Signs Professionally Designed

Signs have a very important function depending on what they are used for. They also reflect on your professionalism and attitude. A badly designed sign not only performs less optimally but lasts less and reflects a sloppy attitude. You can get past all these issues by getting your signs designed and manufactured by a reputed supplier.

A supplier of good standing will be familiar with all the rules and regulations applicable to street and safety signs. Additionally, for other signs, they will be able to give you the most attention-grabbing design and colour combinations.

Do Ensure Optimum Visibility 

The entire purpose of a sign is defeated if people cannot see them easily. You need to pay attention to where you are placing them so that they have a clear line of sight for the intended audience. Make sure that the signs are visible from a distance and that they are not blocked by other signs, telephone or electricity poles, buildings, and trees.

You must install the parking signs at a height that will allow motorists to see them easily as they pass by. You should, therefore, not display them too high as while they will be noticed from far, they will not be readable from near. Displaying them low will mean that people will not be able to see it soon enough and read it to act upon it.

Do Insist On Buying a High-Quality Sign

While it may be tempting to keep your upfront costs low if you have to put up many signs, it is also worth noting that low-quality signs do not last long, and you will end up spending far more on continuous maintenance and replacement. Make sure that the signs you buy are manufactured with high-quality materials so that they last long without needing any maintenance.

For example, signs with thicker metal or acrylic sheets will last longer and if they need illumination, choose LED lights over ordinary fluorescent lights. According to Green America, not only do LED lights last much longer than fluorescent lamps but are also more environmentally friendly. It is important for you not to sacrifice quality for the price as you are likely to get poor quality printing and the colours themselves can fade quickly leaving your signs looking terrible and reflecting badly on your standing.

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The secret of effective signage is to choose a size that is large enough to accommodate all the information you want to convey. It will ensure that the target audience can read it easily and well in time. It is better to use icons together with minimal text for better impact. Make sure that the background colour or graphics do not detract from the readability.

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