Download Available for NVIDIA GeForce Now APK on Android Devices

In mid-August this year, NVIDIA announced the arrival of GeForce Now for Android devices by the end of this year. You can now download the tool’s APK file for all devices equipped with Google’s Android operating system.

Similar to Google Stadia, the app lets you play PC titles on a smartphone through a cloud server with low latency, high image quality and frame rate per second. However, the difference is that the GPU manufacturer’s solution uses NVIDIA GeForce RTX cards. Stadia is powered by custom AMD chips.

Another difference is in the availability of games. Google’s streaming service aims to become an independent market. GeForce Now has links to major providers such as Steam, Epic Games and NVIDIA intends to charge per hour, with variable values ​​depending on the GPU.

If the user has access to the beta version, simply install the APK at the link below. Although only available in South Korea, reports – including the video above – claim to be able to play outside the Asian country.

NVIDIA GeForce Now – download



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