Everything You Need to Know About Doing a People Search: Best In 2021

You Need to Know About Doing a People Search

Doing a people search nowadays is easy. You do not need to hire someone or spend hours searching for a close friend or family. If you have an internet connection, searching and finding them can save you time and money.

The method that you use to find people is using CocoFinder. It is a people search service that we are going to talk about today. You will also know about the site and everything you need to know about finding people.

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CocoFinder Explained

People spend a lot of time looking for the best services online. In this niche, CocoFinder is an industry leader. We will tell you why if you are doubtful.

Fundamentally, the site has more than a million users. Surprised? People around the US depend on this for a variety of reasons that we will discuss later in this article. 

Apart from that, did you know that major online brands advocate for this brand? We are talking about sites such as Top 10 Reviews, Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, and iGeeksBlog. The list is endless. 

How to access the people search service

Using the site is simple. You do not need to be a hacker or tech-savvy. Every instruction is easy to follow and use.

First, you need to sign up for CocoFinder. You cannot access any of their services without doing this first. Note that, signing up is free; hence, you should complete the process within a minute or so.

After this, you can access the people search service immediately. On arriving at the page, you will find a form at the top. It has four columns. Start by filling up the name of the individual you want to see, the city you suspect they live in and then fill up the state. Once 

you confirm that everything is okay, you can click search.

Get a comprehensive report

Hitting the search button prompts the system to search through the entire system for a match. Once it finds one, they will combine a report. The report will contain information such as:

  • The person’s details – That includes their age, contact information, current address
  • Their friends and relatives
  • Their social media profiles
  • Financial records
  • Business associates
  • Fraud ratings
  • Traffic and lien records

People search service and Privacy

People searching on social media can sometimes be embarrassing. The system typically alerts the person once you do this. With a site like CocoFinder, this is not the case. They will ensure that the amount of searches you do with them remains private. Nobody will know.

Besides that, for people who may feel unsafe, you can customer support team at CocoFinder. They should explain the right procedure for removing your name from their database. 

Otherwise, it is good to know that these individuals get their information from public records, social media, and other government agencies.

Unlimited searches

Some people depend on people search services such as CocoFinder. Therefore, if you are this kind of person, CocoFinder does not limit the number of searches you do in a day. Some sites, however, do restrict the amount because of security reasons. 

You can now get the reason why CocoFinder stands out. And remember, CocoFinder offers all these services without charging you any amount.

Other than acquiring unlimited searches, the site also provides accurate results, which makes CocoFinder a reliable website.

CocoFinder service

The legitimate use of a people search service

Some people feel uneasy when their personal information is out there. Kidnappers and cybercriminals sometimes do take advantage of that, which is unethical. If your reasons for using the people searches services could include any of these two, then stop.

Therefore, ensure that you use it for things like:

  • Looking for a lost friend or relative
  • Knowing a person that you just met
  • Identifying a potential employee
  • Know the kind of people your children are talking to


Using a people search service has never been this easy. Compared to when you use social media, public records, and search engines, using a site as CocoFinder is efficient. You are sure that you will be getting accurate results. It also promises results within minutes. As in, you should get the report within minutes of searching

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