Do You Really Need A High School Diploma- Best In 2021?

Do You Really Need A High School Diploma?

When you get your diploma, you can hang it on the wall or give it to your parents. Employers need real knowledge or skills, not educational documents. These tenets you knew without us. Do you agree with them? And do they mean that it is not necessary to study in college? Let’s try to find out.

A diploma is no longer a ticket to life

The times when it was possible to learn to read and write (let alone to master other, more serious disciplines) only in a class with a teacher, in a parochial school, or a country school, are long gone. The nineteenth century.

But do not hurry in the twenty-first century to rank the crusts of education to completely unnecessary gadgets. After all, this is proof that you studied and have the necessary skills for a particular profession. Quite a significant advantage when it comes to the actual attempt to get a prestigious job and job competition. Think about it: which applicants will be invited for an interview? Those whose CVs mention graduation from a prestigious university, or not? And what happens next, of course, largely depends on your skills.

“University theory is a spherical horse in a vacuum. “Institutes teach knowledge that is almost impossible to apply in practice because it is outdated. We all use lab report writing service for our task and do something else”. This is what young professionals often say about their former alma mater. Of course, not all institutions of higher education are hopelessly behind the times, but we are now looking at the “general hospital temperature. If your instructor is not simultaneously working as a specialist in the profession he or she lectures about and assigns practice, it means that he or she has fallen behind the latest trends by an endless number of years.

This is neither good nor bad. It is simply a fact that must be accepted. And do not expect that the cherished blue or even red diploma will make you automatically worthy of a highly paid and responsible position. It’s always important to remember that without it you might not be hired at all. So most graduates will need some kind of diploma anyway.

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Successful professionals often graduated in a different field

Unbelievable or logical? Writers Anton Chekhov and many others were doctors. Quentin Tarantino, Peter Jackson, Luc Besson learned the craft of directing right on the set.

Most modern professions are handicrafts. The more often you practice, the better you get (for a shoemaker – to mend shoes, for a journalist – to gather materials and write texts, etc.).

Stop! All the examples with outstanding people are for inspiration only, not to justify the unwillingness to learn from many students. Geniuses are rare, it’s not a given that you’ll be among them, and a college degree hasn’t hurt anyone yet.

Besides, there are a lot of industries and professions in which career development (both horizontal and vertical) is possible only after graduation, and often after other compulsory items like an internship for doctors. And the diploma… Let it be. Why not?

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